Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's chill time - I have cure for boredom! Interesting, funny stuffs and games!: Laughing time: The Online Gamer

It's chill time - I have cure for boredom! Interesting, funny stuffs and games!: Laughing time: The Online Gamer: "All gamer will end up like this. :D For more videos visit Reckless Tortuga page. Enjoy :)"

Great videos. Figured I would share it so you can enjoy it too! If you don't already follow Mister Sharaf that is...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby Remix
The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixx)Wav Download in song Description by Love and Light

I really enjoyed this remix, maybe you will too.

Where The Infinite Is Possible

This is Zombocom!

I didn't understand it at first. Then I checked out the site. Maybe it's just me, but the website was funnier than the comic...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Any Canadians Reading This?

Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use

An article about Canada. The ISP's in Canada apparently plan to charge per data use. Having worked for Verizon Wireless, even on a smartphones, data use is extremely high. I've handled calls with customers calling about ridiculous bills due to data usage, and when it comes to computer, just like smartphones, they tend to use data even if you are not "actively" browsing. All those windows services are constantly communicating with Microsoft, your anti-virus needs to communicate constantly to receive updates, not to mention whatever other services you may use (Steam!). Steam would be a killer on your bill if you were charged per data use. A single game download could easily be 4-8GB, not to mention if you play WoW and need to reinstall that from a digital download...ouch.

If Canada allows this to happen, how much longer before it spreads to the US?

How morning sex can improve your health and mood for the whole day

How a spot of morning passion can make you glow all day long

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For those of you who can get laid, maybe this is good info for you. I know the only real issue is waking up early enough before work for it, and having a girl that actually wants to have sex. For those of you who can't get laid, just keep sitting in front of your computer in your parents basement and maybe by pure luck it will happen.