Thursday, December 29, 2011

Airplanes and Electronics

Everytime you get on an airplane, you always have to turn off your electronic devices because "it will interfere with the planes" or whatever dumb reason they have. Nobody really knows why you have to turn them off. Well I just read an article that explains how that is just dumb. Airplanes are designed to withstand 100 volts of electrical interference. Most devices put out considerably less than 1 volt of interference.

I would like to get a plane full of people to all leave their phones on, radio and all, and see if they notice any interference or if the plane crashes. Need to test those theories of interference.

Anyway, here is the link to said article. Disruptions: Norelco on Takeoff? Fine. Kindle? No.

Concept Cars

This isn't a bunch of pictures of concept cars. Sorry.

However, I do ask a question...why in the fu*k do they have awesome concept art for cars, then pump out shit cars that I have no idea why someone would buy something so damn ugly? You know what I'm talking about. I'm fairly positive it doesn't cost them any more to produce a car with an awesome design as opposed to the turd design that someones 4 year old drew.

I can understand some designs not being economical. I won't argue that one, except for the more expensive cars, but for the standard joe car, why can't they just use a design that will make people jizz themselves when they see it really exists and go buy it?

I'll admit, cars have gotten better as a whole, but at the same time, I think there are fewer awesome looking cars out there. Not until the latest models of Mustang and Camaro have they produced anything that has been really epic imo. I'm sure most people miss the muscle cars, and would love to have an old 69' Camaro or Mustang. I don't understand why they finally decided to start making cars that reminds us of those cars which are now over 40 years old.

Now if they would work on making their eco and electric car designs better. Those things are lookers...but for the wrong reasons. Take the following two cars, both electric. One looks hot, the other, well, you won't be taking any chicks home in it anytime soon...

Tesla Roadster

I have no idea what it is...

In conclusion, fuck you auto industry. You can make all your cars look damn good, but you choose not to for whatever reason. I don't care if your 4 year old drew the concept, it doesn't mean you have to use it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry fu*king Christmas

Not a huge fan of holidays to begin with, but Christmas kind of sucks worse because everything closes. I can't go to the store and buy candy and have to wait an entire day before they open again. All I can do is sit at home in front of a computer playing video games suffering from a lack of candy. The torture I go through on the holidays. Its just awful.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My thought on Google

I was just thinking and had this thought...

What if Google has run out of original ideas, and has decided to just try and compete with everything? Well, I'm not sure they ever had an original idea...I mean, Google started as a search engine like all other search engines. They just did it better. I guess that's really all they ever have done is compete with everything. Have they done anything original?

I guess I'll go further back than I originally thought. First, there was Google, the search engine. They went up against the likes of Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Lycos, and some other search engines I can't remember. Lol, I remember Lycos. Am I spelling that right?

I have no idea what else they've done really for a long time since then, or how long most of there other services have been out. But the next thing I remember...GMail. Google decided to compete with Hotmail (live), AOL, and Yahoo mail, and probably other various little known email services. And they conquered that one pretty well, IMHO.

I don't really know what came next. I know they do adsense, and various web services, but the one they do also...blogger! What you're reading this from right now, competes with various other blogging services such as WordPress, and Tumblr. This one...they didn't exactly blow away the competition. In fact, they don't come very close to either of those. And yet, I use it, if only for their money making ad scheme. I know, I could use the same money scheme with WordPress or probably Tumblr as well, but I jumped on this bandwagon. Anyway.

Paypal came, and became one of the most popular online payment services available. Google decided it needed to compete with Google Checkout. Well, I don't know where I can use Google Checkout, so I'm guessing this venture didn't go well either. But it's available, and given enough time perhaps it can grow and become an actual competitor.

Two of the latest undertakings...Google+ and Android. Google+ is Google competing with Facebook. I'd throw in MySpace, but who uses that pos anyway? A little late I think to hop into this one. There are some things that timing counts, and unless...or until...Facebook pushes their users away, Google+ doesn't seem to be able to face up against Facebook. I like Facebook, but I also hate it. But unless everyone I know moves to Google+, I'm stuck on Facebook. I would rather be on Google+ exclusively.

Android however has faired very well. Despite the awesome power of Apple advertising and retarded customer base, android based phones (with the help of Verizon Wireless pushing Droid) is basically neck and neck with iPhone as far as I'm concerned. Which is sad, because Android is so much better than the iPhone OS, but Apples damn fanboys won't come over to the light side. Even losing signal by holding their iPhone didn't bring them over, Apple just managed to sell covers for the phone instead. Congrats apple. wtf. Old news is old.

I'm pretty sure Google and Apple are the only two companies that can release something that gets the attention of pretty much the entire world, and will have people paying ridiculous amounts of money for it. Obviously Apple is further ahead than Google on that, but they are getting there...

Monday, December 12, 2011

LG MyTouch

So the other day, I bought a new phone, the LG MyTouch.

It is a really nice least compared to the LG Optimus T I was using. I was considering the MyTouch Q because of the slideout keypad which I miss. I prefer the physical keypad to touchscreen keypad. However, when I looked up the specs for the phones, the MyTouch had far better specs for both phones being the same price. Really, the difference is the MyTouch has 3.8" 480x800px screen while the Q has 3.5" 320x480, and the MyTouch also has a front camera for video chat. I prefered to have the higher quality screen over the keypad.

So far I love the phone, however I have noticed a few little...bugs. I had an issue with txt messaging where I couldn't type. It only happened once, and I had to exit messaging and open again. It runs a lot smoother than my Optimus did but at times still lags as I believe most android phones do regardless.

The physical design is what I really liked the most about the phone. All black, nice rounded corners and one of the first phones that has a cover for the micro usb port. My Blackberry didn't have one, and neither did my LG Optimus. The one flaw I have with the phone is the battery cover. It seems like it would come off easily and doesn't close flush at the bottom (intentional design I believe) which bothers me.

I bought the screen protector to put on it, and have never put on on a phone before. After attempting to put it on, I threw them away. It came with two and each time they got stuff on them that you can't get off and is extremely noticeable when you have the screen protector in place and I couldn't stand that. It's a little like those idiots that did their own window tinting on their cars and the tinting is littered with air bubbles. I didn't do nearly as bad a job, it was only 1 or two spots because it got a spec of dust on it. Pisses me off, considering the price of the screen protector.

To see the specs on the phone...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

PHP Scripting

I came up with an interesting idea today. I forget exactly what gave me the idea to do it though...but anyway...

Today I wrote a script to automatically send my resume to EVERY craigslist job posting. It pulls the e-mail address, page address and heading/subject from each post, and generates the email with a generic message body, attaches my resume and sends it.

Obviously there are some downsides to doing this. For instance, a lot of jobs will be applied for that I don't want or can't get. This really isn't much of a downside since they most likely will ignore my message. However, this could increase the amount of spam I get since some of the posts are likely from people trying to get email addresses, etc.

The other issue is possibly getting calls, replies, from a lot of companies either requesting more info or interviews/phone interviews. Technically that isn't a problem either, since that's the point, to get more interviews and a job.

The third issue is that this gives me other ideas, such as becoming a spammer myself. Sending e-mails to lots of people could be fun though! Need to email everyone asking for them to donate to my paypal account. lol. :D

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sexual harassment in the workplace


This video makes me want to run my own company...just so I can play this at our sexual harassment training.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

15 too many

Most people stop having kids after 2 or 3. If you're retarded enough to have 15 kids, you should probably be locked up for endangering the lives of children. Especially if you don't have the means to take care of them.

What's worse is how she believes that other people should be responsible for paying to raise them...and the fact that she gets on the news for it. Considering the intelligence of people in the US, there will most likely be a large group of people that are stupidly sympathetic to the situation. Which is just wrong.

Fortunetly, her kids were taken away and put into foster homes. She is currently fighting to get them back, and if she does, then the system has obviously failed miserably. I'm not positive when this aired or where things are now.

I actually like China's (Was it China?) take on can only have one. I know it was something like that. I wouldn't be against the US doing something similar. After 1 to 3 kids, require a permanent birth control measure be taken.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Job Search

So I am searching for a job...sorta.

What I'm wanting is something simple and semi-boring. I've applied at Walmart, Safeway, um...that's actually about it so far. I've been kind of lazy. I have no motivation to do anything. The problem I've been having however, while trying to apply for other jobs, is I have no idea and am incapable of writing cover letters. I have experience in doing call center tech support, and trying to write a cover letter for something that I have no skills for leaves me staring at a blank screen.

The other thing I've noticed is that crap jobs like Walmart and Safeway, other low paying job, they all have ridiculously long applications. However, jobs that are high-end (requires degrees and pay more) are usually simple 1-2 minute processes for applying...upload resume or email resume. Done. WTF? It's just an annoyance really. Also the Tax Credit questions are annoying too. If you haven't looked for a job recently, I think it's fairly new, but they ask a bunch of questions about tanf and other government programs you or your family may have been or are in. Apparently companies get tax breaks for hiring you if you were receiving government help (i think).

On the news earlier, they were saying how the unemployment rate is down to 8% (8 point something). As people run out of unemployment, as far as the government is concerned, they are no longer "unemployed" so the unemployment rate drops. So basically, the unemployment is probably going up, there are just fewer people collecting unemployment now. That's my theory. I'm pretty sure they don't keep track of people that don't collect unemployment. I'm not even sure how they could. I'm also positive our future ex-president Obama has something to do with it also...making sure he looks "good" to the potential voters for the coming Presidential election. That's another topic though.

Anyone know how to write a cover letter to promote the skills you don't have?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal Gaming Issues

I can't play games. Anything I play, I get bored of almost immediately. Played BF3 for all of about 30 seconds. Did 1 mission in Rage. Got out of the first dungeon thing in Skyrim and quit. I used to be able to play Starcraft II minigames, but even that bores me now. Have I lost my love for gaming?

They certainly don't make games like they used to. They used to rely on good gameplay to make games good. Now they only care about graphics and putting out the exact same game but with prettier graphics every year. I was looking forward to the release of Black Mesa (HL1 remake in Source) which seems to have become vaporware, but besides that, I haven't seen anything to look forward to. I remember Super Smash Bros (N64) and how great that was...but when Melee came out, it was like they decided to abandon gameplay and try and give you seizures instead. I still consider SSB(N64) one of the greatest fighting games ever made.

If I ever had the funding and team to build a video game, I would build the greatest games ever. IMO anyway. It's one thing I've always liked Valve for doing...they didn't care about graphics, they cared about making a game that was fun...they cared about gameplay. When they release games, they make sure they are playable by the majority of their user base rather than making sure their graphics are at the peak of the current capabilities out there. Which makes sense, because most people are not going to go out and get brand new computers just to play one game.

Why can't games focus on actually PLAYING the game, rather than exuberant amounts of standing there while people blab about the storyline, or driving/walking/running a few miles in game to your next mission? What happened to cut scenes that you could skip past because you didn't care about it? All they do now is force you to "play" through the "cut scenes" of the game. Does anyone out there really care THAT much about the storyline or do you want to just play the damn game?

The other issue is PC gaming. Hackers, cheating, "creative" use of game mechanics, etc. How do these people get any joy out of not actually playing games? Is that my problem? I enjoy playing the game too much while all these damn 12yo just want to be "better" than everyone else? Obviously an issue with the US in general, but we have a generation of kids (and adults I'm sure too) who only care about being better/winning even if they cheat to do it...and somehow believe that they are better than you despite cheating. Seriously? WTF. Hacking and cheating ruined APB (that and them not doing anything about it). It was a good game if not for that huge issue, but that also been a huge issue in almost every online FPS. I know Counter-Strike still suffers greatly from it and for reasons I cannot understand still have a HUGE player base. My idea of a fix? Universal ban list. Anyone who EVER cheats/hacks gets a universal ban from multiplayer gaming in all online games. Fuck them I say. But greed stands in the way of my plan. Oh well.

Perhaps I am just getting too old and unable to keep up with the changes that come with time. :(

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Posted Image

Posted Image1.0.0

Welcome to a PvP server where you can run rampant, killing anyone as much as you want. Grief whatever can be griefed, and laugh in their faces! incorrectCraft throws out the book of traditional 'Peaceful' PvP and gives in to hardcore PvP, the way it should be!

Posted Image


Posted Image
■■ Do not spam the chat.
■■ Using X-Ray to see minerals is wrong and you should feel bad for doing it.
■■ No flying/cheating. (No-Cheat is enabled)
■■ Profanity is allowed, however use of the word fa**ot or ni**er is annoying and you will be kicked.

Posted Image
The lands are dangerous, remember these important notes:

■■ There are no rules against spawn killing. Though many ways to get out of spawn, so be careful!
■■ It takes 10 seconds to warp to /home and /spawn.
■■ Disconnecting out of battle is allowed, due to our plugin called CombatTag. If someone disconnects within 10 seconds of being hit, they will remain able to be killed even while out of the server. So laugh at the foolish people who disconnect and still die!
■■ Faction griefing is tolerated. So be warned, only invite those you trust into your faction!
■■ Admins are very busy people. Don't be upset if they can't help you right then and there!
■■ Use the forums to ask questions if you can't get a hold of an admin. Alternatively, get Mumble and come in and talk to us!

Posted Image
This server isn't free, so we appreciate donations. We use a direct-donation supplied by our hosting company, Volt. This means that when you donate it goes straight into the server, and not into our pockets for us to misuse!
Click HERE to donate.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The end of Boot Camp

So after nearly 2 months of boot camp, I'm back. I quit at T-30. Anyone who may think it, I did not fail boot camp, it was not too hard for me or anything like that. Basically, while at boot camp I had time to think about my decision and learn more about the Marine Corp and realized I shouldn't be there. One main reason I shouldn't have even joined to begin with is my disdain for our government and military to begin with. Being older, I was less able to be "brainwashed" by the training.

Actually, they fucking babied the recruits way too much. Two of the platoons the day I was quitting were watching fucking movies. Seriously. WTF!? It's MARINE CORP BOOTCAMP and they are watching FUCKING MOVIES!?!? After dealing with all the recruits that never seemed to learn how to listen to the drill instructors, or shut their fat mouths, even two months into training, I really believe they need to go back to the times when drill instructors would literally fuck up recruits physically. The worst they could and would do to us is punish everyone else for a recruits fuck ups. And so many of them were retarded and would be stupid way too often.  Most of them were Texans, so I guess that explains a lot of it though...

I'm sure that had I been 18-20 years old, it may have been different for me. I did enjoy the training. I kind of miss drilling. I did however find most of first phase fairly boring. Our kill hat also sounded like kermit the frog whenever he was marching us.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello Again

I haven't posted anything in a long while. Here's whats been happening...

I have joined the military. Going into the Marine Corps and leaving for boot camp on the 26th of Sept. I'm 27 and haven't worked out in nearly 10 years. So I have 2 months in which to exercise and prepare for this.

Also, I can NEVER figure out how to spell exercise correctly without googling it.

Any thoughts or opinions on joining the military or the Marine Corps specifically?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Portal 2!

Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2! Portal 2!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

A panda walks into a café. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and proceeds to fire it at the other patrons.
'Why?' asks the confused, surviving waiter amidst the carnage, as the panda makes towards the exit. The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife manual and tosses it over his shoulder.
'Well, I'm a panda,' he says, at the door. 'Look it up.'
The waiter turns to the relevant entry in the manual and, sure enough, finds an explanation. 'Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.'

HUGE WHIRLPOOL developed during 8.9 / 9.0 quake in Japan - 3/11/11

Never saw this on the news...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was away for nearly two weeks. I tend to lose interest in trying to blog when I'm not at home. But I'm back now.

So here are some demotivational posters to keep you entertained.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tiger Spits On Green

Tiger Woods spit on the green and faces 10 years in jail for it. Maybe not really 10 years in jail. But it makes it sound like it's some horrific thing even though every redneck in America (and a lot of other people) does it. I understand probably not the best thing to do since other people still would need to play there, but still, it sounds like people go overboard over little things.

It's like everyone in all sports are crazy and insane. Like in basketball, and issues with headbands and logo's, and football and wearing pink shoes to support breast cancer. So much intolerance and dumb pointless complaints and arguments over nothing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oil Paintings Of Video Games

These are painting of places/people/whatever from video games. They are a little expensive to me, but hey, maybe you have some extra money laying around? Pretty epic.


Today is the first day I've heard of chemtrails. Was browsing on Craigslist and found posts about the "chemtrail conspiracy" and didn't feel like reading through tons of BS to find out what the "conspiracy" was. So I found it on wikipedia instead.

Now, the idea of the government spraying chemicals isn't something I would dismiss immediately as I hate the government and think they hide tons and tons of crap from everyone. However, the idea of all the governments working together on this? Doesn't sound too likely to me. But you never know. And if they are trying to fix and repair the o-zone or whatever, then they probably wouldn't be trying to hide that.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak Steps Down

And Fox news calls American's Marxists.

I would have to look up Marxism, and find out what it really is to have some kind of actual opinion on this. Although the idea that Democracy = Freedom, I think is really just an idiotic concept.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miscellaneous Post

So I haven't come across anything I really feel like posting recently, so I've decided to post my favorite tv shows.

In no specific order:

  • V (new version) - I think It's a great show. It could be better, yes, but what show couldn't do a little better?
  • Dexter - I don't think I've seen a show that I have loved nearly as much as Dexter. It's dark, and graphic. It barely has any boring moments at all.
  • House MD - It has it's moments. After watching every season, show after show (nothing else to do...) it became very redundant. Every show = Possible case, possibly not, attempt basic cure...patient gets worse. Try a few crazy guesses, patient nearly dies, house gets epically brilliant idea from some random thing and saves the day. That is every show. But there were a few episodes that were really emotional that makes me watch it.
  • Glee - I know. It's probably not something a lot of people would admit to liking. But it is a really good show, aside from the music. The dynamic with all the characters is really well done.
  • Community - Not sure I've seen a better comedy since Seinfeld. Not much else to say but epic comedy.
  • Burn Notice - Initially, I really loved the show. But I think it's losing something. I can't really put my finger on it, but it's lacking something. Still a great spy show though.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. A few of them are between seasons, like Dexter, and I can't wait for them to come back.

Your thoughts on any of these shows? Comment!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Groupon - Save The Money

Groupon - Save The Money

"Money is one of our most important natural resources." - Groupon

Wow. Really? I find this so much more offensive than their advertisements...which I don't find offensive at all. We need to stop chopping down those money trees!!!! Apparently their Super Bowl ad was "offensive". Something about Tibet and their food. People have become overly sensitive, which is odd considering how apathetic they are too.

I've never used Groupon before. I guess you can save pretty good sums of money on stuff. I don't really know, and I don't really care either.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Stock Market

I've traded stock before. I usually go head first into things, and lost a good sum of money knowing nothing. So I stopped for a while and am looking at it again. Made some money on my last trade, and looking to do the same again.

I find the stock market an interesting "thing". A place where the value of stock certificates can go up and down based on news, technicals, hype, or no reason at all. And the pink market is nothing but scam companies created to grab as much money as it can via the stock market by selling into the market as long as it can. Which I'm not sure why they are allowed to do it...

I've tried looking at the technicals for stocks and those make no sense at all. For the most part, they are colorful lines that almost match the graph of the price. I'm not really sure how that makes them useful. It makes me think that those are just a way to screw with noobs while the real traders know what to really look for, which probably has little to do with those technical readouts.

One thing I've also been doing, is following up on those daily stock picks. Specifically from OTCStockExchange. There's a trend I see. Don't buy ANYTHING they pick...not right away. They always seem to go down before they actually pick up. Also, avoid pink stocks. I stick to OTC because I have no money to buy the bigger stocks anyway. But the thing with the lower price stocks? They have a better chance of going up a larger percentage (i think). I mean, they are so low already, they have nowhere to go but up! Unless they go down.

I currently use Scottrade for trading. They are fairly cheap to use compared to other companies like E*Trade or others.  I'd recommend using them if you don't. Also, if you don't need the money but want to try out trading, trade within an IRA account. Anything you make in an IRA isn't going to be taxed (unless you pull the money out).

If anyone has traded stock before and has tips, please leave a comment!

At first glance, I thought this was going to be a shoop with KKK members...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's chill time - I have cure for boredom! Interesting, funny stuffs and games!: Laughing time: The Online Gamer

It's chill time - I have cure for boredom! Interesting, funny stuffs and games!: Laughing time: The Online Gamer: "All gamer will end up like this. :D For more videos visit Reckless Tortuga page. Enjoy :)"

Great videos. Figured I would share it so you can enjoy it too! If you don't already follow Mister Sharaf that is...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby Remix
The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixx)Wav Download in song Description by Love and Light

I really enjoyed this remix, maybe you will too.

Where The Infinite Is Possible

This is Zombocom!

I didn't understand it at first. Then I checked out the site. Maybe it's just me, but the website was funnier than the comic...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Any Canadians Reading This?

Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use

An article about Canada. The ISP's in Canada apparently plan to charge per data use. Having worked for Verizon Wireless, even on a smartphones, data use is extremely high. I've handled calls with customers calling about ridiculous bills due to data usage, and when it comes to computer, just like smartphones, they tend to use data even if you are not "actively" browsing. All those windows services are constantly communicating with Microsoft, your anti-virus needs to communicate constantly to receive updates, not to mention whatever other services you may use (Steam!). Steam would be a killer on your bill if you were charged per data use. A single game download could easily be 4-8GB, not to mention if you play WoW and need to reinstall that from a digital download...ouch.

If Canada allows this to happen, how much longer before it spreads to the US?

How morning sex can improve your health and mood for the whole day

How a spot of morning passion can make you glow all day long

Read more:

For those of you who can get laid, maybe this is good info for you. I know the only real issue is waking up early enough before work for it, and having a girl that actually wants to have sex. For those of you who can't get laid, just keep sitting in front of your computer in your parents basement and maybe by pure luck it will happen.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Go Go Google Conformity!

Google Censoring Torrent Search Suggestions: 7 Terrible Things They Don't Censor

Just one small step towards censoring the search results. It all starts with censoring search suggestions. I for one am glad I still get suggestions on how to build bombs and make mustard gas. That stuff will be INVALUABLE when we need to go to war against the corporations when we are working slave labor again and everything the corporations(aka the government) deems inappropriate/wrong/illegal/etc is censored.

What ever happened to the slogan, "Don't be evil"?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environment Groups

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environmental Groups

Now if you read it, it's not Apple itself that has bad working conditions, but completely different companies that just happen to have contracts with Apple. So how is Apple is actually responsible? That's beside the fact that china is known for having terrible working conditions in their companies to begin with anyway...

I know most would consider them to blame for supporting a company that has terrible conditions, but unfortunately almost all companies that buy from other countries is buying from a company with terrible conditions. It's all part of the competition that companies deal with. If they worried about the working conditions of their suppliers they wouldn't be able to compete with companies that don't. In America, we call this Capitalism.

If a company can't supply a product at the price and quality that another company wants, then they shouldn't be providing that product. Simple enough. If I tell a company that I will work for $3 an hour and get the job, do you call me an idiot, or the company a terrible company?

And what normal person commits suicide before quitting their job anyway? If anything, they are doing the world a favor by not being able to spawn more idiots. I understand people may have different ideals and whatnot, but still. Suicide?

At least I know being an complete idiot isn't limited to Americans.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Individual Sovereignty

Individual Sovereignty 

A blog I just found. I like the latest post. Didn't actually read the rest so I can't say all the posts are good or anything. The post makes a couple good points so I thought I would share. I know most of us probably already know and or agree with the points also.

As far as my thoughts on how government should be run, currently, I believe the only things the government (the US government, not necessarily state government) should be responsible for is:
  1. Protecting the country from the outside world.
  2. Keeping the peace among the states on the inside.
  3. #2 would likely include basic fundamental laws. (The Constitution)
  4. And probably printing and providing the countries currency to use.
    (which is currently done via a third party, the Federal Reserve which is NOT government but in fact a BANK (which currently owns the US)).

The individual states should be responsible for running public programs, taxes, similar things. Why? Because they would have competition with each other. The US government does not. So in the same way that having different companies making similar products which keeps prices as low as possible and run as efficiently as possible (typically...damn greedy management bastards), the same should occur with the states. Certainly the way the states are run should be fixed first of course. We wouldn't want corporations paying off the state government to get what they want like they do now. We would need true transparency.

Those are my views. Hell, I'm pretty sure (as far as the US government) that those were the views of our founding fathers, or at least very similar. Enjoy.

Evil corporations are evil... :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cell Carriers Explore Ways to Limit Distracted Driving

A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

tl:dr: If you didn't read the article, it says that wireless companies are going to be providing a monthly service that disables your service while you drive. T-Mobile apparently already has this service.

I find it interesting that companies are trying to capitalize on NOT providing service that you are also paying for. It is really that hard for people to turn their phone or or simply ignore it while driving that they would actually pay for a monthly service like this? Pretty soon will have so many "safety features" we won't have to even consider the idea that what we are doing is unsafe.

Of course you realize that once the government realizes that this is a "Safety" issue, they will force everyone to pay for this service that disables your service, right? They do it with car insurance already, why not this service?

Also, it makes me wonder why they don't require breathalizers on all cars instead of putting them on people who have already been caught drinking and driving? Seems like that would make more sense if you are only worried about safety.

This is what we get for letting so few people dictate EVERYTHING.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kick Ass

So I just watched Kick-Ass. Saw it in theaters when it came out, and it was epic. So I just watched it again. I think the movie had a good point though. People are extremely passive, and won't try to help anyone. I don't think it's always been that way. But that is how it is today.

At one time, we would actually fight for what we believe in. It's why we had the revolutionary war. It's why we had the civil war. Now we just write stuff on a board and hold it up as a way of "fighting" for what we believe in. Obviously this works much better than actually fighting.

I don't really blame anyone for not helping people in general. There was an episode of Frasier that made that reason clear. I don't know the episode name or anything, but Frasier had stopped to help a guy change a flat tire. The guy later called into the show because he wanted to sue him because his cuff-lings scratched his car. The moral of the story? Don't help anyone or they will sue you. This holds true of not helping people also now. If you don't help someone, they might try to sue you. Take the fountain lady for instance. Technically not suing because nobody helped, but because they posted the video, but the fact is, you would have NO IDEA who it was if she didn't make it onto TV about the incident. Somehow, this also hurts the concept of free speech. Sure, uploading the video might not be speech per say, but when you go into a public place, you take that chance that someone might catch you doing something stupid and upload it.

Then you have groups like scientology and the Westboro Batist Church who sue anyone that offends them. Thanks to the American Justice fail system, groups like these can destroy your life (legal fees from 100's of frivolous law suits). It seems, these days, like anyone can sue anyone for just about anything, whether it's considered common sense or not. Even worse is the lawyers who do the suing. They are a bunch of greedy bastards.

Are people really so greedy that you can't help or even not help them without them trying to sue you?

What the f*ck is wrong with people?

So some more interesting stuff relating more to the last post...  - It was vaguely interesting. - This article seems to understand the issue

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Cool Can a Flip Phone Get?

How Cool Can a Flip Phone Get?

Now this design looks cool. Especially the function it can also provide. I didn't read much about it, so I'm not sure if it's just a concept or if it's real yet. But I would trade my blackberry for it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I like this. If you have a good speaker system hooked up to your computer, it actually goes well with ambient music.

Figured I would share it here. :D

You Don't Mess With The Batman

I always thought that Batman The Animated Series was the BEST Batman series ever produced and nothing has come close yet. The voice acting was superior, the story was nice and dark, and not cheesy and childish like they do with newer versions. It also didn't use Robin much, which helped it in my opinion.

The other greatest thing that Batman TAS had...Mark Hamill as the Joker. He is probably the greatest voice for the Joker I have ever heard. The evil joker laugh is by far the best also. Anyone who doesn't think that Mark Hamill did the Best Joker voice is probably deaf, or close to it.

I've seen mostly all of the Batman animated movies. The best one, IMO, was Mask Of The Phantasm. It used the same artwork as TAS and voice acting. Under The Red Hood, was good, but something about the voices just didn't work for me. Probably because I was so used to the voices of TAS. Oh well.

The other great Batman animated movie, was Return Of The Joker. It's from Batman Beyond, but it had flash back scenes to TAS version of Batman and The Joker. If you haven't seen it, there are two versions. You want the unedited one...and I won't say why so not to ruin it if you do decide to see it. But it was sufficiently dark...very dark in fact. Which is why it was edited before being shown on TV.

The one animated movie I didn't see, is the Subzero movie. I heard bad reviews of it, not that that would stop me from seeing it. I just haven't. I think I have seen scenes from it though. It didn't seem very dark to me. I think I just like dark movies though...and by dark, I don't necessarily mean brightness. I mean, dark like Fight Club, or Donnie Darko.

As far as newer versions of the animated Batman, they try to make it more "kid friendly". Batman is NOT kid friendly. Well, it's perfectly fine I think, but it shouldn't be made that way. They draw it like its a Pokemon anime, add lots of stupid jokes, and avoid anything that makes Batman Batman. If you have seen any of the newer ones, and they are not like that, let me know.

Gah! Terrible look



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Statistics Are Racist

Statistics are not racist...they are statistics. If you chose to fly to another state rather than drive because statistically, you're safer, are you being racist against forms of travel? No. It's just choosing a form based on statistics.

The problem in the world, is if you say something that is proven statistically, against a certain race, you are deemed racist.
"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."
— Former Education Secretary and Drug Czar William Bennett
Most people would consider that racist. The only issue is, it's statistically true. The crime rate would also drop if you did the same with other races as well though, but the difference would be less significant, statistically.

The problem isn't actually race though, in my opinion. The problem is culture, or background. Culture can be seen as similar to religion. Each one has it's own beliefs and ideals, their own backgrounds, etc. For instance, most people consider "brown" people as terrorists. Why? Because their religion tells them to go kill infidels. But that's only the "brown" people that follow that specific religion, or at least to that extreme anyway. Now a regular white person following the same religion would likely fall into the same category...but that is where racism plays a role. Nobody would expect a white person to walk into a building with a bomb strapped to himself and blow everyone up (more likely to rob a bank i think...). Statistically, white people are not Muslims. Middle eastern people are. So it's easier to sum people up according to race than to culture or religion, statistically.

So, if you take away culture, and religion, then race is no longer an issue. If we are all just different colored people in the same way we have different color hair, I think you could eliminate racial statistics. Now, unless I'm mistaken, I have never heard of people categorizing murders or crime by hair color (Which I'm sure has actually been done though. People categorize and argue over anything and everything.).

Realistically, you should be afraid of anyone and everyone. Anyone is capable of murder and crimes. Just black people more so, since they are statistically more likely to do it. And it's not racism, it's STATISTICS! Honestly though, I think people have just become overly sensitive. A bunch of whiny women.

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Movies?

So all I've really done the past day is watch movies so far. Downloaded and watched some of the weirdest/sickest movies I can find (that are actual movies and not some sick porn fetish ie: two girls one cup).

The latest one I just watched, Audition. It was Japanese I think, subtitled English. Not actually that weird or sick of a movie. The last part of the movie was the only decent part when it was actually interesting. The whole thing could have been shortened drastically by removing most of the first half of it.

Also, Martyrs, a french film (i think). Fyi, Martyr is their word for Witness in case you watch it and get confused. I think the version I watched was dubbed in English, or the voice track was off...either way. This one was much better than Audition. The first part of the movie wasn't horribly long to get to the better parts...the actual plot and stuff. It gets to a point where I think it's going to end, but didn't and there was actually quite a bit more to it which was good. The ending was really good.

Delicatessen. Another foreign movie with English subtitles. This one was interesting. It didn't do the typical boring introductory part, then good part. It was interesting through the whole thing, but also didn't have a epic climax or anything either. Also, not really sick or far as showing gore and whatnot I mean.

Silent Hill was pretty good. I liked it, but apparently the movie didn't do so well as far as reviews. But I think it was definitely worth watching. Going to silent hill seemed like a stupid response to a girl saying the name, and other idiotic things leading to them getting there. And other little things. But otherwise, the underlying story of Silent Hill was really good...probably why I liked it even though other things were pretty bad. Also the ending was decent.

Still to come, A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, Bastard Out of Carolina, and Frontiers. Semi unrelated, I watched Black Snake Moan once. It was a really well done movie. I would recommend it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Requiem For A Dream

So I just watched this movie this morning. I highly recommend watching it. If you don't care for more graphic content, get over it. If you enjoyed Traffic, then you'll likely want to see this. In a way, this seems similar to Traffic to me. It's from 2000, so it's likely most of you have seen it already, but if you haven't you should take a trip to the pirate bay or demonoid if you have an account. This is one of those movies that leaves me in one of those moods/places that I can't even describe.

And while on the topic of movies, this one of course downloaded via torrent, some others I would recommend if you like good movies, is well, Traffic, 2081 (it's a short movie), Bunny And The Bull (weird movie), Dark City, Defendor (yes, that's how it's spelled),  Gentlemen Broncos (another weird movie),  Idiocracy, Ink, I Heart Huckabees, Leon The Professional, Reign Over Me, and many many more, but I have a large list of great movies and most of which you may have already seen anyway. Oh, don't forget Death To Smoochie.

Also, if you know of movies similar to this one, Traffic, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, leave a comment of it. Thanks. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is Fun!

But according to some people, is damaging the music industry.

In reality, the music industry is hurting itself.

Illegal downloading has actually helped to promote bands and increase profits.

The only things that the music industry is failing at, is selling hard copies. CD's.

Which makes sense, when you can simply pay less online.

Online, you can buy the songs you wont from an album and not waste money on songs you don't.

Taking illegal down-loaders to court costs the music industry more money then they get from it.

This new post about illegal downloading is the prompting of a band I like that was complaining about illegal downloads on facebook. Apparently 2 million copies of one of their albums was downloaded illegally and they are releasing a new album on tuesday. This means their band is being heard by many many people that may not have heard them otherwise. Even more, they actually said that THEY specifically do not make any money from the CD sales. So for the band, they actually get more out of illegal downloading. : /

I find it ridiculous that so many bands and people believe that illegal downloading is hurting bands and the recording industry. Companies that fail to change eventually fail. There are other companies that are cropping up that sponsor bands in a new way, and soon, the RIAA and the recording industry will fail to these new companies.

It's only a matter of time, and perhaps we won't be downloading "illegally" but instead sharing freely in order to promote bands. Many bands are already against the recording industry and for music sharing. I think I posted about illegal downloading already...but oh well. This time I have links. Also, the band I was talking about is RED.