Monday, January 21, 2013

Changing America

I believe we are close to a point in America where the only way to get positive change is through force...the reason we have the 2nd amendment...which is slowly being eroded away.

However, what I think may be an issue is a lack of attention on changing how we elect people to positions of campaigns are ran. How we allow the media to use their bias, their control over who even appears on the television, to control public opinion and thus the public vote. Why is it we constantly attempt to attain change through voting, only to end up with politicians who only care about corporate interests? Why is there not more outcry for change on this whole system?

Some changes for starters, the smear campaigns that may typically take things out of context to make someone look bad should be banned. It's not a campaign for why you should vote for one or the other, but why you shouldn't vote for them.

News coverage should be required to cover all possible candidates equally. Rather than the focus given to only the top two contenders...who may not actually be the top two, but the top two for corporate interests. These corporations that provide news coverage and claim to be unbiased and fair...should be fined greatly if not have prison time when it comes to misleading and biased information when it comes to elections. We are electing people who will be running cities, states, and even an entire country! These people will be making decisions that effect thousands and millions of people. People deserve to know and have access to accurate and complete coverage for all of them.

Debates should include all running candidates. Not just republican and democrat. There are more than two parties. It's manipulative to only allow people to only see two sides. If I have to decide between coke, pepsi, and popco, never having heard of popco or being able to taste it, I will obviously choose only between coke and pepsi. In the case of a restaurant food menu, that may not be a huge issue, but when it comes to something greater like who will run the country, popco might be the greatest soda I've ever had...but if they don't have corporate interests in mind, then those corporate assholes will keep it off the air. In the end, the people lose out to corporate interest.

Corporate funding should be nearly eliminated from politics. Let the people back who they want to win, not corporations and special interest groups. When it comes to candidates, the ones with the most financial backing are typical the front runners. Not because they are the best, but because they are the most advertised. With the digital age, this isn't as much the case, but for a majority of voters who do not get their information online, it is.

Essentially, what I think we need to do to change things, is change the way campaigns are run first. We will not get politicians who have the interests of the people into office when corporations are allowed to manipulate public opinion so easily. This is how I believe we the people will make actual change for the good of America. Corruption within the system needs to be removed. You don't leave a bad apple in with a bag of apples, you have to remove it before it infects the others. If you don't, at some point all the apples will go bad and introducing good apples will not improve anything, as they also become corrupt.

This is of course, assuming that politics aren't fixed at a level beyond voter manipulation.