Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Rich Man

Is a total dick.

Why is it believed that the rich man is truly entitled to what he had "earned"? The argument is that they worked hard for that money, and anyone else could have done so also. Yet, without those poor working class people, that rich man would have had nobody to work for him, to do that jobs that need to be done. Not everyone comes from a rich family that can afford to put their kids through expensive colleges, to provide the means to be "successful".

So why shouldn't that rich man be responsible for helping those in need? It's those same people that made him rich anyway. On the flip side, the rich man is the one who makes others poor. Refuses to pay decent wages to fund their greed. Won't provide healthcare, insurance, etc. See Walmart for instance. Anytime the people try to stand up to get better working conditions, they either get fired, or if the store comes close to starting a Union, they will simply close the entire store to prevent them from being able to stand up against their rich oppressor. Other companies aren't much different.

With these tactics to keep wages of employees low, avoid paying for healthcare and other benefits, they provide prices that anyone else could not possibly compete with, thus stunting anyone's ability to be able to "work hard" to become rich (or at least well off anyway) as well.

So when someone says something like, "I worked hard to get where I am, and everyone else can too if they just tried.", you're just a fucking dick. Hell, some of the richest people exist because they steal or simply buy someone elses hard work anyway. See Microsoft.