Monday, September 17, 2012

Religion and Drugs - Similarities

I've been thinking about how drugs and religion are essentially the same thing.

People who are into them refuse to hear logic or reason as to why they shouldn't.

They hang out with people who are into it also.

Both have people on the streets peddling it.

Most people give a large sum of their income for it, and some give everything they have for it.

People fight wars and die over them.

They are illegal in certain countries, and legal in others.

People who grow up with it are more likely to do it.

Stores capitalize on paraphernalia for them.

Both can push loved ones, friends, etc, away.

Both are very psychological in how they affect people.

People try to free those addicted from them.

Those are just some of the similarities I can think of. An article I found online. The comments are the best part...

Presidential Elections

One thing is obvious. There is nothing fair or unbiased about the presidential elections. Media covers the candidate they want to win more, and try to ignore or downplay the opposition. They put their biased spins on everything they cover. This isn't the first election for this to occur, not the second, third, etc. But it's the first time I cared to pay any attention, right up until it became the difference between voting for Obama, or Romney who basically is the same person.

It's to be expected though. The news media is a company after all, and the election of a president who plans to make the rich richer is going to be the candidate the heads of those companies want elected. It's not right however. For a majority of people, tv is still their main source of information about candidates, specifically the elderly who are more likely to vote...since they care more about their medicare than the future or the country.

I propose that there should be laws put into place to ensure that elections in the future are fair and unbiased, or as unbiased as possible anyway. Every possible candidate should be required to have the same amount of air time on tv, with no personal opinions provided. Simply provide the news about the on goings of candidates, show the debates, etc. Allow the audience to make their own decisions based on the candidates, not what the media companies can spin.

Advertisements should not be allowed to bash candidates. When elections are simply about voting for the lesser of two evils, there is a problem there. Ads on tv about candidates simply flame each other for this thing they did or didn't do, and they simply go back and forth.

This election is about voting anyone but Obama, regardless if it were Obama's own clone or Hitler, just so long as it's not Obama. Are you fucking kidding me?

America is fucked.