Saturday, December 3, 2011

15 too many

Most people stop having kids after 2 or 3. If you're retarded enough to have 15 kids, you should probably be locked up for endangering the lives of children. Especially if you don't have the means to take care of them.

What's worse is how she believes that other people should be responsible for paying to raise them...and the fact that she gets on the news for it. Considering the intelligence of people in the US, there will most likely be a large group of people that are stupidly sympathetic to the situation. Which is just wrong.

Fortunetly, her kids were taken away and put into foster homes. She is currently fighting to get them back, and if she does, then the system has obviously failed miserably. I'm not positive when this aired or where things are now.

I actually like China's (Was it China?) take on can only have one. I know it was something like that. I wouldn't be against the US doing something similar. After 1 to 3 kids, require a permanent birth control measure be taken.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Job Search

So I am searching for a job...sorta.

What I'm wanting is something simple and semi-boring. I've applied at Walmart, Safeway, um...that's actually about it so far. I've been kind of lazy. I have no motivation to do anything. The problem I've been having however, while trying to apply for other jobs, is I have no idea and am incapable of writing cover letters. I have experience in doing call center tech support, and trying to write a cover letter for something that I have no skills for leaves me staring at a blank screen.

The other thing I've noticed is that crap jobs like Walmart and Safeway, other low paying job, they all have ridiculously long applications. However, jobs that are high-end (requires degrees and pay more) are usually simple 1-2 minute processes for applying...upload resume or email resume. Done. WTF? It's just an annoyance really. Also the Tax Credit questions are annoying too. If you haven't looked for a job recently, I think it's fairly new, but they ask a bunch of questions about tanf and other government programs you or your family may have been or are in. Apparently companies get tax breaks for hiring you if you were receiving government help (i think).

On the news earlier, they were saying how the unemployment rate is down to 8% (8 point something). As people run out of unemployment, as far as the government is concerned, they are no longer "unemployed" so the unemployment rate drops. So basically, the unemployment is probably going up, there are just fewer people collecting unemployment now. That's my theory. I'm pretty sure they don't keep track of people that don't collect unemployment. I'm not even sure how they could. I'm also positive our future ex-president Obama has something to do with it also...making sure he looks "good" to the potential voters for the coming Presidential election. That's another topic though.

Anyone know how to write a cover letter to promote the skills you don't have?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal Gaming Issues

I can't play games. Anything I play, I get bored of almost immediately. Played BF3 for all of about 30 seconds. Did 1 mission in Rage. Got out of the first dungeon thing in Skyrim and quit. I used to be able to play Starcraft II minigames, but even that bores me now. Have I lost my love for gaming?

They certainly don't make games like they used to. They used to rely on good gameplay to make games good. Now they only care about graphics and putting out the exact same game but with prettier graphics every year. I was looking forward to the release of Black Mesa (HL1 remake in Source) which seems to have become vaporware, but besides that, I haven't seen anything to look forward to. I remember Super Smash Bros (N64) and how great that was...but when Melee came out, it was like they decided to abandon gameplay and try and give you seizures instead. I still consider SSB(N64) one of the greatest fighting games ever made.

If I ever had the funding and team to build a video game, I would build the greatest games ever. IMO anyway. It's one thing I've always liked Valve for doing...they didn't care about graphics, they cared about making a game that was fun...they cared about gameplay. When they release games, they make sure they are playable by the majority of their user base rather than making sure their graphics are at the peak of the current capabilities out there. Which makes sense, because most people are not going to go out and get brand new computers just to play one game.

Why can't games focus on actually PLAYING the game, rather than exuberant amounts of standing there while people blab about the storyline, or driving/walking/running a few miles in game to your next mission? What happened to cut scenes that you could skip past because you didn't care about it? All they do now is force you to "play" through the "cut scenes" of the game. Does anyone out there really care THAT much about the storyline or do you want to just play the damn game?

The other issue is PC gaming. Hackers, cheating, "creative" use of game mechanics, etc. How do these people get any joy out of not actually playing games? Is that my problem? I enjoy playing the game too much while all these damn 12yo just want to be "better" than everyone else? Obviously an issue with the US in general, but we have a generation of kids (and adults I'm sure too) who only care about being better/winning even if they cheat to do it...and somehow believe that they are better than you despite cheating. Seriously? WTF. Hacking and cheating ruined APB (that and them not doing anything about it). It was a good game if not for that huge issue, but that also been a huge issue in almost every online FPS. I know Counter-Strike still suffers greatly from it and for reasons I cannot understand still have a HUGE player base. My idea of a fix? Universal ban list. Anyone who EVER cheats/hacks gets a universal ban from multiplayer gaming in all online games. Fuck them I say. But greed stands in the way of my plan. Oh well.

Perhaps I am just getting too old and unable to keep up with the changes that come with time. :(

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Posted Image

Posted Image1.0.0

Welcome to a PvP server where you can run rampant, killing anyone as much as you want. Grief whatever can be griefed, and laugh in their faces! incorrectCraft throws out the book of traditional 'Peaceful' PvP and gives in to hardcore PvP, the way it should be!

Posted Image


Posted Image
■■ Do not spam the chat.
■■ Using X-Ray to see minerals is wrong and you should feel bad for doing it.
■■ No flying/cheating. (No-Cheat is enabled)
■■ Profanity is allowed, however use of the word fa**ot or ni**er is annoying and you will be kicked.

Posted Image
The lands are dangerous, remember these important notes:

■■ There are no rules against spawn killing. Though many ways to get out of spawn, so be careful!
■■ It takes 10 seconds to warp to /home and /spawn.
■■ Disconnecting out of battle is allowed, due to our plugin called CombatTag. If someone disconnects within 10 seconds of being hit, they will remain able to be killed even while out of the server. So laugh at the foolish people who disconnect and still die!
■■ Faction griefing is tolerated. So be warned, only invite those you trust into your faction!
■■ Admins are very busy people. Don't be upset if they can't help you right then and there!
■■ Use the forums to ask questions if you can't get a hold of an admin. Alternatively, get Mumble and come in and talk to us!

Posted Image
This server isn't free, so we appreciate donations. We use a direct-donation supplied by our hosting company, Volt. This means that when you donate it goes straight into the server, and not into our pockets for us to misuse!
Click HERE to donate.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The end of Boot Camp

So after nearly 2 months of boot camp, I'm back. I quit at T-30. Anyone who may think it, I did not fail boot camp, it was not too hard for me or anything like that. Basically, while at boot camp I had time to think about my decision and learn more about the Marine Corp and realized I shouldn't be there. One main reason I shouldn't have even joined to begin with is my disdain for our government and military to begin with. Being older, I was less able to be "brainwashed" by the training.

Actually, they fucking babied the recruits way too much. Two of the platoons the day I was quitting were watching fucking movies. Seriously. WTF!? It's MARINE CORP BOOTCAMP and they are watching FUCKING MOVIES!?!? After dealing with all the recruits that never seemed to learn how to listen to the drill instructors, or shut their fat mouths, even two months into training, I really believe they need to go back to the times when drill instructors would literally fuck up recruits physically. The worst they could and would do to us is punish everyone else for a recruits fuck ups. And so many of them were retarded and would be stupid way too often.  Most of them were Texans, so I guess that explains a lot of it though...

I'm sure that had I been 18-20 years old, it may have been different for me. I did enjoy the training. I kind of miss drilling. I did however find most of first phase fairly boring. Our kill hat also sounded like kermit the frog whenever he was marching us.