Saturday, January 15, 2011

Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is Fun!

But according to some people, is damaging the music industry.

In reality, the music industry is hurting itself.

Illegal downloading has actually helped to promote bands and increase profits.

The only things that the music industry is failing at, is selling hard copies. CD's.

Which makes sense, when you can simply pay less online.

Online, you can buy the songs you wont from an album and not waste money on songs you don't.

Taking illegal down-loaders to court costs the music industry more money then they get from it.

This new post about illegal downloading is the prompting of a band I like that was complaining about illegal downloads on facebook. Apparently 2 million copies of one of their albums was downloaded illegally and they are releasing a new album on tuesday. This means their band is being heard by many many people that may not have heard them otherwise. Even more, they actually said that THEY specifically do not make any money from the CD sales. So for the band, they actually get more out of illegal downloading. : /

I find it ridiculous that so many bands and people believe that illegal downloading is hurting bands and the recording industry. Companies that fail to change eventually fail. There are other companies that are cropping up that sponsor bands in a new way, and soon, the RIAA and the recording industry will fail to these new companies.

It's only a matter of time, and perhaps we won't be downloading "illegally" but instead sharing freely in order to promote bands. Many bands are already against the recording industry and for music sharing. I think I posted about illegal downloading already...but oh well. This time I have links. Also, the band I was talking about is RED.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Who Owns America?

The American Dream

The Economic Hitmen

So my adventures through the intertubes has led me to discovering a video, which led me to websites and more information and stuff I didn't know of before. Interesting stuff.

The government is bad enough as it is, but the idea that the government isn't actually running the country and is simply a face and form of enforcement of those who actually control or "own" America (and possibly other countries according to the information provided) is interesting to me. As with the government, I don't believe everything I read or hear. It certainly sounds plausible and makes sense to me that there is in fact a group of people that "own" the government and thus own the US.

Honestly, the only thing that keeps people from just saying "screw you" to the government and starting up their own form of money and doing their own thing, is the fact that they would shut you down and throw you in jail. It's what gives them the ability to say, "I own this" or "Follow these laws". Force. We fought the British to gain freedom from them, only to be enslaved by the government we created(or the "shadow government" that runs the government anyway). 

The reason people are either blind or don't care is because they have what they need from the system. Who would fight against a system that allows them to have the things they don't need? This is slowly changing as the government destroys the economy and fewer and fewer people have anything left. I'm not sure I would even be finding this information or writing anything now if I had a great job, money, and lots of things I didn't need.

I'm not really positive what prevents the US from just saying "We have no debt" and taking back control of itself. Obviously the same force they use to enslave us, they can use to do this. I know I don't know much about economic issues but I know it could and would affect the rest of the world also if that happened. But the idea that most of the paper contains value because of the perceived idea that it's worth something when in fact its just paper(well, a blend of materials but not actually paper). Everyone should be able to go to their bank, and trade their paper money for gold since that's what the value of paper money is based on. The amount of paper money should directly correlate to the value of gold and therefore the Federal Reserve should have enough gold to do so.

I don't believe that banks are actually banks at all. They are merely businesses that sell the service of holding your money for you. So long as they are able to use that money to try to make themselves more money, they are a business. They are no different then a stock broker with the exception that they guarantee you your money long as not everyone wants it back at the same time anyway.

I kinda wonder though, what if the government started destroying money? Would that increase the value of the dollar? In my head right now, I view it like the stock market. The stock has a certain value, and if they release more stock the value goes down, but if they buy it back, the value of the remaining stock goes up(in theory).

The issue with changing any of this, I think, is the fact that there is no actual plan for change. At this point, it's simply the task of getting people to take off the blindfold and see what's really happening, to open people's eyes and get them to start thinking. But I suppose providing information is the first step to change. I also believe the government as it was originally created as of the declaration of independence, is close to how the government should be and should have stayed. Anyway, let's try to spread knowledge. We can start to spread this knowledge and get people to see the truth and help lead us into change.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ear Gauging and Body Mods

Is stupid. In my opinion. Are people so bored that they have to come up with new ways to mangle themselves? Originally we had tattoos and piercings. Now, we have tattoos, piercings, ear/nose/lip/tongue gauging, those skin piercings(the ones that are just your skin pierced...), other mods like cutting your tongue in two to look like a snake, or this one guy that cut his ears into jigsaw puzzle shape, and many other stupid things. In other countries they have things like neck extending, or foot shrinking.  I'll avoid the other sensitive parts of the body that are even modded. Some things just go too far.

What is wrong with being normal? I can understand doing these things if you're ugly. If you can't be nice to look at, you can at least be interesting to look at. But so many people do odd things to themselves. Do people really want attention that badly? Once all the attention whores do this, and it becomes normal, what will they do then? I can't even imagine.

If you do this stuff, why?

Monday, January 10, 2011


I always get ideas on what I want to write next. But then I'm in the middle of playing Minecraft and don't want to leave to write. So when I actually get around to it, I have no idea what I wanted to actually write.

So on the topic of minecraft...I have an extra key for it. Anyone that actually wants to play minecraft, but doesn't have the money for it, let me know. I'll give people numbers and randomly generate a randomly generated number that's random to pick someone to get it if multiple people want it. Also you should be willing to play with me and my friends because minecraft is better when playing with people you know...or can get to know. :D