Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shallow Changes

Shallow is a term meaning you have little depth. On the show Seinfield, the characters were all shallow. Jerry would constantly find the smallest flaw in someone, and it would ruin the entire relationship possibility, like man hands, or two face (assuming you are familiar with the show and those references).

Now the issue I want to actually discuss is the movement to change and broaden the meaning of being shallow. Obese women have taken up a movement  to change the way people think by changing the terms and ideas with which we associate and think. And when a big enough group (pun intended) get together, it starts to happen. For instance, we now have the terms "more to love" and "BBW"(Big beautiful woman).  But the real issue I have, is with the issue of being shallow and the attempt to make it so if you are not attracted to an obese women, you are therefore shallow. I argue against that specifically because attraction is nothing to do with depth, it is merely a single persons opinion of another's looks, or size in this case.

Relationships require two things, a connection, and attraction. Arguing that if you have an connection with someone that you should automatically have an attraction otherwise you're shallow, is a weak argument. Small things like funny looking thumbs, or a crooked nose, that would fit with shallow. Nobody is perfect, and those are relatively small things and not something that can be specifically changed. Weight however, can be changed with exercise and not stuffing your face with food. Granted there are some cases where its a medical condition that causes weight gain, but that's beside the point.

Now the other issue I have is that instead of trying to lose weight, they have chosen to simply try to change societies outlook on bigger (obese) women. Obesity is NOT healthy, and is in their best interest to lose the weight. However, they have chosen to "empower" big women to believe they are "beautiful" no matter what. Considering the percentage of obese people (in the US anyway), this may become a reality simply because everyone IS obese...and naturally, you are attracted to what you grow up with, ie: black people and black people, sheep and sheep, skinny people and skinny people, big people and big people...etc. Not the best example, but I hope it makes a point. I mean, there are those who prefer something different, like a mixed couple, or mixed weight couple...but anyway.

Outside of being shallow for not being attracted to obese people, the other thing want to try and change is how they are dealt with when it comes to business and other. The specific issue, if you remember, is the woman that was charged for two seats on an airplane because she was obese. This isn't because you are obese, its because you are literally taking up two seats. It's not the airplanes fault you over eat and under excersize, so why take it out on the plane? You are being charged two seats because that is how many you are using. Seriously, if you have an issue with that, lose some weight. Don't try to change the airlines policy. The same reason you don't get paid insurance because you chose to burn down your house is the same reason businesses shouldn't have to accommodate you because you chose to eat excessively. (granted, bad parenting may have something to do with it also) The only obese people that should be accommodated are those with actual medical conditions causing it. It's not within their power to change it, but it is within yours to change your weight.

I just want people to open their eyes to what's really going on. You are all being brain washed by the media and Oprah. The media is an odd one. They used to be all about skinny and beautiful, but ended up switching to appease the obese. So it's more of a mix now. And they also have movies about it (like Shallow Hal). Think about it though, have you not thought about the idea of being shallow a little more recently?

I understand why this has started. As kids, I'm more then positive they were ridiculed and tormented for their weight, as most kids are for anything that they can be tormented for. But rather than fight against the tormenting and ridicule, they have chosen to make it completely acceptable, if not desirable. Not that it has happened yet, but give an idea long enough to be well seeded in your minds and it will. I personally believe that kids being mean to other kids is something that needs to be changed. Not only kids but adults as well. There needs to be a huge change when it comes to the way people interact and treat each other. But that's another post.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are We Totalitarian Yet?

Buckaroopopcorn: Are We Totalitarian Yet?: "The system of police is that system by which we confine ourselves. It can be through police violence, media propaganda, mental illness, the ..."

I completely agree with this above post. Unfortunately it may be a little outside of my ability to "dumb" the concept down to a more comprehensible version for the sheeple. So I'll write my ideas pertaining to that post. If you have seen the movie 1984 (I have, it was actually kinda boring) or read the book 1984, that is where we are headed. More or less.

Now to put the post into simple terms I can think of, the police and government has become like skynet. It is not a person, but a thing that is growing and not entirely within control of anyone anymore. It will become more powerful and attempt to enslave us all. You are all the mindless drones (sheeple) that follow the rules because you believe you have to. And slowly, the government(skynet) is implementing new laws and forms of control (terminators) that will keep you from expressing free thought, or having any freedom at all.

Each time a new freedom is taken, it is disguised as a necessary safety precaution, or way to police things for your safety. Take for instance the latest "safety precaution", the new body scanners at airports. It's there to "protect" you. And the people that are protesting it, they are terrorists now. As you will see, the body scanners will stay, and before long the body scanners will be a common thing and will be like they have always been there. Once that happens, the next "safety precaution" will come out. In Europe if I remember correctly, they already have cameras on the streets to help "protect" people. One "safety precaution" after another until will be introduced until you no longer have any privacy or freedom left.

Another good example, would be V for Vendetta. The method for how they arrived at the society they did may not be the same way we are going, but the end result seems pretty similar. Although, considering how things are going, perhaps it is very much similar. Remember 9/11. Government or Terrorist, either way it was used to introduce the Homeland Security Act which gives the government the ability to barge into anyone's home/business/etc and disguised as a method for "protecting" American citizens from terrorists. And the sheeple will sit idly by and mindlessly believe everything they are told while those who stand up and speak against it are branded as conspiracy theorists and terrorists.

The terms political correctness is also a method used for controlling the masses. It helps to slowly erode away free speech. You can no longer say certain things unless it's within the boundary of political correctness, and if you step outside of those imaginary bounds you will face the consequences. They have already started the attacks against freedom on the internet with Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA). This is the start of laws that will allow them to censor the internet, starting with what they loosely define as "infringing" material. The proof is history. Look at where we where and where we are now.

They don't have to control everyone, just a majority. They use fear to do it. Fear of terrorism, criminals, malcontents, fear of non-conformity. They already control the majority, because those who would be willing to stand up against it, are to afraid, and those who do are deemed terrorists or non-conformists (rabble rousers? I know there is a term besides terrorist or non-conformist that I want to use, I just can't actually think of it. I've been called it for my own ideas before.). The rest all blindly believe its for the better good of everyone...sheeple.

I've tried using a thesaurus. It never actually helped me. *shrug*

*EDIT: So I had thought about history and how we are today, couldn't sleep last night, and one thing that I find important for totalitarianism to take over is making people reliant on the government, specifically for protection but other things help. At one point, we relied on ourselves and each other for protection. We had to have our own guns and know how to use them. Now, if you try to defend yourself, you're more likely to be arrested if you're actually successful. If not arrested, sued. It's created a reliance on the police to defend and protect you...a group that is directly controlled by the government. And you know how they talk about gun laws, and banning guns? That's taking away your ability to stand up and form a militia against the governments military/police force when you've finally realized just how bad things have become. Think about that. Seriously.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Find Of The Day...

I just remembered this site exists! How many of you remember

I can't believe it's still going.

Buckaroopopcorn: Nazis "just" do their jobs, humans follow their co...

Buckaroopopcorn: Nazis "just" do their jobs, humans follow their co...: "Today I heard a chainsaw and wood chipper running behind my house. I went and investigated and found the city was chopping down trees on the..."

Why We Need The Zompocalypse

I think I had an epiphany, assuming I'm using the word correctly. We hope for the zompocalypse because life sucks. Nobody probably realizes just how much, but I think that's the underlying issue.

We spend 12-16 years in school, spend 40+ years working with typically only 1-2 weeks off a year, spend our lives acquiring material things, try to live according to the standards society sets for us. We do all of that for what? How much in your life is actually worth doing? Why do we spend so much time doing things we don't want to do, working a job that sucks(in most cases anyways)...well, actually I think that's the root of it. Work.

Modern day jobs suck the life out of every one of us. You work 8 hours a day(and up to an extra 2 hours for driving. Yay traffic!). Go home. Watch TV. Sleep. Repeat. It's what you spent 12 years in school and up to 4 more in college to do. Congrats! You are now living the life society says you should. For that, you get 2 days out of the week(or less, depending on how crap of a job you have) to do what you want, assuming you can afford it after paying the bills. But that's not all! You'll even get 1 to 2 weeks a year off, with pay! That's right! Work 52 weeks a year and get up to 2 of them off! You finally have time to take care of those chores you needed to get done all year long. Yay!

Why do we go to work everyday? Well, I needed that 50" TV, every season of every popular tv show on dvd, matching couch and love-seat, expensive dining room table set, brand new car, car stereo system with so much bass that if I turned it up it would break the windows in the car, shiny rims that make me feel good about myself, my overpriced clothing that makes me look like a douche so I can feel good about myself when I'm not in my car, my cell phone and overpriced wireless plan, my super awesome computer, video games to keep me entertained, etc, etc, etc. Yeah. That's if you're job affords you that, otherwise you work simply to survive and pay your rent...and hopefully on time this month.

Society has us locked in though. There is no way out. If you want to survive, have a place to live, eat, etc, you have to work. We were never raised or trained to be self-sufficient. We don't know how to grow or hunt our own food when we need it, to survive on our own without money. It's the only thing we know, work for money, spend money for the things we need. We are not free, that part is the illusion society would have us believe.

And that is just work. Do I even really need to get into everything else? Waiting longer to get through a checkout line then the time you spent shopping. All the people that will take advantage of your good will(assuming you have any left). Countless hours spent sitting in traffic and dealing with people that can't drive. No? Good.

You know what would fix all of that? The zompocalypse. No more standards of living. No more material things(except guns and ammo and barricades). No more going to work every day to pay for things you don't need. Freedom. That's what the zompocalypse brings. That's why we all dream of it happening.

To quote Dr. Horrible, "And by the way it's not about making money, it's about taking money. Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo.". I think the movie Fight Club has the right idea.

Go to work, send your kids to school, follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavement, watch TV, save for your old age, obey the law. Repeat after me: I am free

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Not exactly a find as much as a wtfomglol.

*EDIT* Looks like they managed to get enough complaints to make sure it can't be embedded. lol.

Feminism Will Be The Fall Of Civilization

As a sorta followup to the previous post I shall discuss my view on Feminism.

Obviously feminism is a bad thing, obviously. It is tearing down the basic model society has lived in for centuries. Feminism has created an unbalanced economic state as well. I'll discuss that first.

At one point in time, families consisted of a husband that worked to provide for his family while the wife raised the children and maintained the home. With the advent of feminism, both men and women now work, and not only that, they both have to work to provide for the family now. Follow me on this. Business, being as greedy as it is, realizes the increase in the family income by having two working adults instead of just one. It may not be twice the income, but it can be a significant increase. This would mean that families are more capable of paying higher prices for the goods they need. See Inflation. I know there are a lot of other factors, but I feel this is an important factor.

Consider the cost of a brand new car in the 70's was about $2000. Today a new car is $20,000 or more. That's 10 times the price that vehicles used to cost. I know, minimum wage has increased a lot too...but doing the math, in 1975, federal minimum wage at ~2.10 for a year of work would bring in $4368. That's twice as much as that $2000 car. Today, federal minimum wage is at ~7.25 for a year of work would bring in $15080. That falls short of $20,000. But the other issue to bring up, is the interest you accrue on $20k as opposed to $2k. Then also factor in the increased costs of car insurance. And this is just for a car that has a 5-10 year warranty on it that is typically more expensive to fix than the car is worth after you buy it.

A single person, at minimum wage would never be able to afford a new car, rent, and other necessities of life, at least not alone. I know I personally couldn't do it when I was stupid enough to buy a brand new car and was making ~$15 an hour. However, if I was married or living with a significant other, it would be plausible.

Women have fought for the right to be able to work and support themselves. This brings up another issue. This helps create more unemployment. I'm not positive the ratio of men to women, but I'll assume for the sake of the argument, that women working doubles the available workforce. You don't have to be an idiot to realize the difficulty this introduces in anyone finding a decent job. So now, not only are prices on everything inflated to accommodate the increased family income, it's also twice as difficult to find a decent job.

Who will think of the children?!?!? Now they have gone as far to really screw over businesses as well. Women get pregnant, they get to be PAID to not work to have a baby. That's not equality at all. Men don't get paid to leave work to have a baby. But aside from that, who is raising these children while the father and mother is at work?! Women have a natural and built in functions to raise children. There is such a thing as equality, but it doesn't and shouldn't apply to EVERYTHING. Women have an obligation to raise their kids. They don't and those kids end up in daycare being raised by someone else. Daycare is also expensive. So a woman that wants to work, simply to pay for daycare, well, your are one screwed up bitch. Sorry, I mean feminist. Go equality! Woooo!

How feminism ruins marriages and even relationships. The overall idea is, so long as a woman is able to work, she no longer needs to find a man that is able to support her. She is now open to simply find a "boy toy" and work to pay for herself and what she wants instead. The status quo is no longer about success, but looking good and being entertaining enough to find a mate. Sure, there are still women out there who are gold diggers, I mean, who really wants work if they don't have to? But, the point is, women don't look for successful men, they look for eye candy. With this, you end up with a lot of people settling for what they can get because not everyone is desirable, no matter how successful anymore(except to gold diggers). So once the women get past the point of wanting a "boy toy" or "eye candy" they realize that the man really isn't worth being with. And on the opposite side, men naturally want women that they can be protective of, to provide for, etc. So they end up with the women that are lazy and don't want to work...or do anything. Basically, women that are worthless aside from eye candy. That that. I'm pretty sure feminism also helps promote homosexuality because of these issues. Not every relationship is a failure of course, but I think the degradation of relationships and marriage can be related to feminism.

So in conclusion... Congratulations feminists! You have successfully screwed over civilization. I hope you are happy. When everything finally comes crashing down, all you can do is blame yourselves.

Vapid Copypasta

Anyone else sick of a generation of dumb vapid females that spend their lives glued to their phones? They need to be constantly stimulated, constantly connected, they are horrified by the idea of reflection, contemplation, of solitude. Everything is social, but superficially so, sharing meaningless interaction over facebook, or twitter or whatever.

Their mind is hollow and their iPhone is their brain and their soul. They are completely ignorant regarding anything important or intellectual. They have no notion of any kind of wider conflict regarding Israel, they think the terrorists did 9/11 because they hate our freedom, they have no fucking clue about any kind of history, South African apartheid, American neocolonialism, or pan-Iberian Basque nationalism.

Their knowledge of science only consists of what they bothered to pay attention to in secondary school, or college if they were raised in a good home. Instead their life is consumed with acquisition of things, they are slaves to Mammon worshiping in the temple of Nordstrom and Abercrombie. Everything they do is social, every action is meaningless if it isn't shared with someone else right away. Life has no greater purpose, knowledge is meaningless, self-improvement is a waste of a time when they could be at PinkBerry gabbing with their friends.

I'm frustrated because it seems like more than 4/5 of girls I've met in my life are like this. I want to open my mind to them, but they don’t understand anything. I feel like Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes. And it’s not so much that I feel superior, I’m not, I have my share of flaws.

*Edited version of a post from a popular image board.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Be Excellent To Each Other

This picture here. It's something people refuse to do. Everyone these days is an object with a purpose. If you've ever wondered why nobody helps anyone, nobody gives to those who need it (or say they do anyway...), well, its because the second you do that you're being used by someone else. It's becoming an unfortunate truth.

It's no wonder nobody trusts anyone anymore. You can't even tell if the person standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign asking for help really needs it or if they are there collecting money from the poor saps that believe their fake sob story. I remember there was a news story on the TV where the reporter had followed one of the bums to his brand new Mercedes after a long day of bumming money on the street corner. He apparently made a LOT of money doing it too! And unfortunately, others who would do the same but hadn't thought of doing that, probably started afterward. There are some street corners where I see up to 3 people, one on each corner, wanting money.

I know you either are or have a friend who is the one that opens their home, and wallet, to their friends. The one person that is willing to pay for things so you can all have fun and party. But afterward, nobody is willing to do the same or even return the favor. Leeches. I was reading a post on craigslist the other day where a guy was just fed up with it. My own brother deals with it. I've dealt with it. There isn't any room for being nice to anyone. Decent people are becoming a rarity.

I for one would like to see this change. To be honest, I would like to see a lot of changes, especially in holidays. Think of the numbers when you see how much is spent on Christmas shopping, then consider how many of the things being bought as gifts are really necessary? Along with helping and giving normally, I wouldn't mind seeing everyone pooling together to do something for people that genuinely need it during the holidays. I don't mean simply doing a soup kitchen or handing out coats or blankets, that only alleviates the suffering of the homeless and achieves nothing in the long run. Do something for those that really need a helping hand to get back on their feet and get their lives back. As Dr. Horrible says, "You're treating a symptom while the disease rages on, consumes the human race. The fish rots from the head, so they say. So I'm thinking, why not cut off the head?". It's not a perfect metaphor.

Anyways, I got distracted. So here is why movies suck now...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Find Of The Day...

I found it here...

Legend of Zelda by I Fight Dragons...epic.

Welcome To Your Box

Everyone is living in a box. Some are bigger than others, and some are smaller. The box, or your specific "reality", in a way makes you who you are. It also makes you who I hate. People who refuse to accept other possibilities and rely ONLY on what someone else had once told you is truth, and never let that change no matter what better more factual truth may come your way.

It's what kept slavery so common place until recently. By recently I mean according to how long it existed compared to how long since it's been abolished. I know slavery still exists in other countries however, so technically it still exists, but this is just getting further away from my point. My point is, stupid things like the idea that black people are not people and are just slaves was an idea that so few refused to acknowledge as wrong. It's also the same with homosexuals. I'm sure some who read this probably think that black people should be slaves again or that homosexuals are terrible people, and would refuse to believe otherwise no matter what the facts are. You are unwilling to hug a gay man, maybe because he might think something of it(or you're afraid someone else will think something of you), but yet you'll hug a straight woman and think nothing of it. These are the kind of boxes people live in. If not hate towards people, maybe towards ideas, like the idea of God. It's the people that hate the idea of God, and the people that hate the idea of atheists, that creates so much conflict. Nobody is willing to be tolerant of others and accept them or their beliefs.

I think South Park does a good job with their episodes and dealing with things like this. When it comes to shows and movies though, there is one movie I often think about, Donnie Darko. If you've seen it, you would be familiar with the character of Mrs. Farmer. I think most people would see her as more of the crazy psycho in the movie. But what I wonder is, how many people identify her as the only sane one in the movie? I doubt anyone who would do that have ever actually seen the movie though. It would be blasphemy to watch it I'm sure...

tl:dr: I think what my overall point or idea is, is that people live in their box of right and wrong and fail to see just how wrong the things they think are right really are. I think that's as simple as I can make it.

To Start With...

I am here to blog about you. The sheeple running around this world, living inside a box. This box that you refuse to see or get out of. The box of societal standards. The standards that make you think that someone who decidedly makes 20k a year is poor even though they live their life the way they want to and enjoy it. The standards that say if you don't have a car you don't have your life together even if you prefer to ride community transit.

But that's later. I wanted to start with this:

The TRON:Legacy soundtrack. If you don't know what TRON is or don't care, well, you can just go diaf.