Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cell Carriers Explore Ways to Limit Distracted Driving

A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

tl:dr: If you didn't read the article, it says that wireless companies are going to be providing a monthly service that disables your service while you drive. T-Mobile apparently already has this service.

I find it interesting that companies are trying to capitalize on NOT providing service that you are also paying for. It is really that hard for people to turn their phone or or simply ignore it while driving that they would actually pay for a monthly service like this? Pretty soon will have so many "safety features" we won't have to even consider the idea that what we are doing is unsafe.

Of course you realize that once the government realizes that this is a "Safety" issue, they will force everyone to pay for this service that disables your service, right? They do it with car insurance already, why not this service?

Also, it makes me wonder why they don't require breathalizers on all cars instead of putting them on people who have already been caught drinking and driving? Seems like that would make more sense if you are only worried about safety.

This is what we get for letting so few people dictate EVERYTHING.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kick Ass

So I just watched Kick-Ass. Saw it in theaters when it came out, and it was epic. So I just watched it again. I think the movie had a good point though. People are extremely passive, and won't try to help anyone. I don't think it's always been that way. But that is how it is today.

At one time, we would actually fight for what we believe in. It's why we had the revolutionary war. It's why we had the civil war. Now we just write stuff on a board and hold it up as a way of "fighting" for what we believe in. Obviously this works much better than actually fighting.

I don't really blame anyone for not helping people in general. There was an episode of Frasier that made that reason clear. I don't know the episode name or anything, but Frasier had stopped to help a guy change a flat tire. The guy later called into the show because he wanted to sue him because his cuff-lings scratched his car. The moral of the story? Don't help anyone or they will sue you. This holds true of not helping people also now. If you don't help someone, they might try to sue you. Take the fountain lady for instance. Technically not suing because nobody helped, but because they posted the video, but the fact is, you would have NO IDEA who it was if she didn't make it onto TV about the incident. Somehow, this also hurts the concept of free speech. Sure, uploading the video might not be speech per say, but when you go into a public place, you take that chance that someone might catch you doing something stupid and upload it.

Then you have groups like scientology and the Westboro Batist Church who sue anyone that offends them. Thanks to the American Justice fail system, groups like these can destroy your life (legal fees from 100's of frivolous law suits). It seems, these days, like anyone can sue anyone for just about anything, whether it's considered common sense or not. Even worse is the lawyers who do the suing. They are a bunch of greedy bastards.

Are people really so greedy that you can't help or even not help them without them trying to sue you?

What the f*ck is wrong with people?

So some more interesting stuff relating more to the last post...  - It was vaguely interesting. - This article seems to understand the issue

Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Cool Can a Flip Phone Get?

How Cool Can a Flip Phone Get?

Now this design looks cool. Especially the function it can also provide. I didn't read much about it, so I'm not sure if it's just a concept or if it's real yet. But I would trade my blackberry for it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I like this. If you have a good speaker system hooked up to your computer, it actually goes well with ambient music.

Figured I would share it here. :D

You Don't Mess With The Batman

I always thought that Batman The Animated Series was the BEST Batman series ever produced and nothing has come close yet. The voice acting was superior, the story was nice and dark, and not cheesy and childish like they do with newer versions. It also didn't use Robin much, which helped it in my opinion.

The other greatest thing that Batman TAS had...Mark Hamill as the Joker. He is probably the greatest voice for the Joker I have ever heard. The evil joker laugh is by far the best also. Anyone who doesn't think that Mark Hamill did the Best Joker voice is probably deaf, or close to it.

I've seen mostly all of the Batman animated movies. The best one, IMO, was Mask Of The Phantasm. It used the same artwork as TAS and voice acting. Under The Red Hood, was good, but something about the voices just didn't work for me. Probably because I was so used to the voices of TAS. Oh well.

The other great Batman animated movie, was Return Of The Joker. It's from Batman Beyond, but it had flash back scenes to TAS version of Batman and The Joker. If you haven't seen it, there are two versions. You want the unedited one...and I won't say why so not to ruin it if you do decide to see it. But it was sufficiently dark...very dark in fact. Which is why it was edited before being shown on TV.

The one animated movie I didn't see, is the Subzero movie. I heard bad reviews of it, not that that would stop me from seeing it. I just haven't. I think I have seen scenes from it though. It didn't seem very dark to me. I think I just like dark movies though...and by dark, I don't necessarily mean brightness. I mean, dark like Fight Club, or Donnie Darko.

As far as newer versions of the animated Batman, they try to make it more "kid friendly". Batman is NOT kid friendly. Well, it's perfectly fine I think, but it shouldn't be made that way. They draw it like its a Pokemon anime, add lots of stupid jokes, and avoid anything that makes Batman Batman. If you have seen any of the newer ones, and they are not like that, let me know.

Gah! Terrible look



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Statistics Are Racist

Statistics are not racist...they are statistics. If you chose to fly to another state rather than drive because statistically, you're safer, are you being racist against forms of travel? No. It's just choosing a form based on statistics.

The problem in the world, is if you say something that is proven statistically, against a certain race, you are deemed racist.
"You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down."
— Former Education Secretary and Drug Czar William Bennett
Most people would consider that racist. The only issue is, it's statistically true. The crime rate would also drop if you did the same with other races as well though, but the difference would be less significant, statistically.

The problem isn't actually race though, in my opinion. The problem is culture, or background. Culture can be seen as similar to religion. Each one has it's own beliefs and ideals, their own backgrounds, etc. For instance, most people consider "brown" people as terrorists. Why? Because their religion tells them to go kill infidels. But that's only the "brown" people that follow that specific religion, or at least to that extreme anyway. Now a regular white person following the same religion would likely fall into the same category...but that is where racism plays a role. Nobody would expect a white person to walk into a building with a bomb strapped to himself and blow everyone up (more likely to rob a bank i think...). Statistically, white people are not Muslims. Middle eastern people are. So it's easier to sum people up according to race than to culture or religion, statistically.

So, if you take away culture, and religion, then race is no longer an issue. If we are all just different colored people in the same way we have different color hair, I think you could eliminate racial statistics. Now, unless I'm mistaken, I have never heard of people categorizing murders or crime by hair color (Which I'm sure has actually been done though. People categorize and argue over anything and everything.).

Realistically, you should be afraid of anyone and everyone. Anyone is capable of murder and crimes. Just black people more so, since they are statistically more likely to do it. And it's not racism, it's STATISTICS! Honestly though, I think people have just become overly sensitive. A bunch of whiny women.

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Movies?

So all I've really done the past day is watch movies so far. Downloaded and watched some of the weirdest/sickest movies I can find (that are actual movies and not some sick porn fetish ie: two girls one cup).

The latest one I just watched, Audition. It was Japanese I think, subtitled English. Not actually that weird or sick of a movie. The last part of the movie was the only decent part when it was actually interesting. The whole thing could have been shortened drastically by removing most of the first half of it.

Also, Martyrs, a french film (i think). Fyi, Martyr is their word for Witness in case you watch it and get confused. I think the version I watched was dubbed in English, or the voice track was off...either way. This one was much better than Audition. The first part of the movie wasn't horribly long to get to the better parts...the actual plot and stuff. It gets to a point where I think it's going to end, but didn't and there was actually quite a bit more to it which was good. The ending was really good.

Delicatessen. Another foreign movie with English subtitles. This one was interesting. It didn't do the typical boring introductory part, then good part. It was interesting through the whole thing, but also didn't have a epic climax or anything either. Also, not really sick or far as showing gore and whatnot I mean.

Silent Hill was pretty good. I liked it, but apparently the movie didn't do so well as far as reviews. But I think it was definitely worth watching. Going to silent hill seemed like a stupid response to a girl saying the name, and other idiotic things leading to them getting there. And other little things. But otherwise, the underlying story of Silent Hill was really good...probably why I liked it even though other things were pretty bad. Also the ending was decent.

Still to come, A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, Bastard Out of Carolina, and Frontiers. Semi unrelated, I watched Black Snake Moan once. It was a really well done movie. I would recommend it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Requiem For A Dream

So I just watched this movie this morning. I highly recommend watching it. If you don't care for more graphic content, get over it. If you enjoyed Traffic, then you'll likely want to see this. In a way, this seems similar to Traffic to me. It's from 2000, so it's likely most of you have seen it already, but if you haven't you should take a trip to the pirate bay or demonoid if you have an account. This is one of those movies that leaves me in one of those moods/places that I can't even describe.

And while on the topic of movies, this one of course downloaded via torrent, some others I would recommend if you like good movies, is well, Traffic, 2081 (it's a short movie), Bunny And The Bull (weird movie), Dark City, Defendor (yes, that's how it's spelled),  Gentlemen Broncos (another weird movie),  Idiocracy, Ink, I Heart Huckabees, Leon The Professional, Reign Over Me, and many many more, but I have a large list of great movies and most of which you may have already seen anyway. Oh, don't forget Death To Smoochie.

Also, if you know of movies similar to this one, Traffic, Fight Club, Donnie Darko, leave a comment of it. Thanks.