Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taxation is Theft

Government Equals Force

While I disapprove of the government for many reasons, taxation is one of the bigger and yet more accepted things that government does. If you don't pay, they can take your house, your car, your life(prison). You have no choice but to pay tax or become a homeless bum.

Wtf. It's saturday already?

Anyway. I wouldn't have a big issue with taxation, if it wasn't mandatory and enforced with force. Also, if the government would actually use it to our benefit I think taxation wouldn't be such a horrible thing. But how many roads do you drive on with pot holes galore, while other frivolous things are done, like nice sidewalks or decorations or others? Somehow, many state governments don't even have the money to continue many public services. If they don't have the money for them, where did it go?

I find it strange that the one part of the government that is used to enforce itself barely has the funds to pay the people working for it, the Police Department. Some of the bailout money had gone to a police department that was failing in some state to keep it going. This is one of the things that doesn't make much sense, to not have money for the very people enforcing your rules. But I suppose if worse comes to worse, they have an entire military at it's command.

One of the other big areas is schooling. I think schools are so poorly run, which is the cause of the lack of funding for schools, but I still wonder why I see so many news stories about how underfunded schools are. The government spends so much money on wars and frivolous things that it can't even try to fund schools properly? School is what trains and educates the future generations of people! Most of what is taught it school is forgotten anyway, except for certain things like basic math and spelling(assuming you write stuff and don't rely on spellchecker for spelling), but that's no reason to not care about public school. We don't actually get a choice in how our tax money is spent on schools, what schools they go to, or whether or not to even pay it. I for one would rather use that part of the tax on a private school to send my kids to.

Japan has super schooling. Everyone in Japan is overly intelligent or at least over schooled. The problem there is there just aren't enough jobs for them. So they travel to other countries for jobs or go home to their run down village to live out the rest of their life in poverty. I saw this on tv once. At least I think this is what I remember from it.

Meanwhile media companies spend billions fighting online piracy while complaining about how it's hurting their income.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Idea

I was thinking about the concept of ownership. Specifically the ownership of land. There is lots of land that has nothing on it, probably won't for a long time, but someone owns that land. I'm not entirely sure it's possible to find land that nobody somehow or in some way owns.

Technically, ownership is about who can defend their claim. If I have a giant army, or at least a few nukes to fire at everyone that wants want I claim, it will likely be considered mine and all I have to do is say so. I will refer you to the Family Guy episode were Peter's house was apparently not owned by anyone and thus Peter's house became it's own country. Joe had a pool and Peter wanted it so he took it over. And so the US government went to war against Peter's country and he lost it. There is also the concept of Anononia for any who are familiar with that project. Though the plan isn't to take over an island, there is still the plan to have it separate from government, or the like, ownership after buying it.

My curiosity/idea, is to get a group of people together and simply find a piece of land within the US and simply take it over. We will keep it completely secret as long as possible and build it into our own city and keep it separate from the US in every way possible. IE: Become completely self sustaining. That's my idea. The curiosity would be to find out how the US will react to a non-US city within the boundaries of the US.

Also, an ingenious way to try to prevent it from being taken from us, embed chips in ourselves that prevent explosives from detonating so long as someone is still on the site. Once we are gone, BOOM! If anyone is interesting in enacting this plan, let me know...I think it could be interesting. :D

This also relates to power, and how the government gets/keeps it. We let them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Intertubes

Are currently clogged by torrenting. Someone here is torrenting like there's no tomorrow and I can barely even load this page to blog about it.

Also, Belkin makes pos routers. That might be the real issue here. But there was this one thing I saw once about turning a Belkin G Router into a Nintendo cartridge wireless router. Looked pretty epic. I want to do that, but I can't bring myself to waste money on a Belkin router. Worst, Routers, Ever. Seriously.

I'd take a Linksys over a Belkin. But I think Netgear makes the best home routers. If you have too much money, get a Cisco Router. :P

That's my blog of the day. Enjoy.

How to build a NES Cartridge Wireless Router...