Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Are You Eating?

The American Food Supply: Full Of Rat Excrement, Maggots And Insect Heads

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Refusing to Allow Monsanto GM Crops

This is what we are forced to eat. Not many of us have the luxury of being able to grow our own crops and animals to eat. Very few people are willing to pay the higher price for foods made with natural ingredients and real sugar instead.

It makes me reconsider the idea that people are just stupid, but that the government and corporations are the main contribution to the stupidity and obesity of the world by forcing this crap upon us because they are greedy bastards. I'm not aware of many foods without High Fructose Corn Syrup in it, and if it has that much mercury then we are all screwed. I wonder how intelligent I should have been if it wasn't for HFCS. Who knows what the genetically engineered crops are really doing to us either.

So I'm actually somewhat torn between how horrible this really is, and the fact that we would be better off if this helped wiped out the human race. There is a possibility that this is related to why I hate the human race though...


  1. I just recently watched a doc on Monsanto... they own patents on actual genetically modified seeds... they also own most of the government

  2. Well it's been like this for years and I didn't die or got any problem related to food. I mean, we should maybe stop crying about this and help those other countries who can't even affort to eat worms for diner tonight..

  3. that monsanto company sure is famous.

  4. very famous i'd say. looks like they have a protection racket here in the us.

  5. Yep for the most part people are stupid. We'll cause our own extinction eventually and the Earth will go on with out us like it has for billions of years.

  6. you know mosanto is responsible for a lot of horible story
    it begin with vietnam war (orange agent who still killing today) and continue with a mexican city who have all the water contamined by toxic agent from mosanto.

    they are testing most part of their product in poor country and it have a lost of bad consequence !

    last year a belgian laboratory proof than a produce of mosanto for grass is very very dangerous for human, 2 weeks later 50 case of damage from this produce where reveal

  7. I`m with you...No faith in the human condition..let me rephrase that, men are crooked, asshole, theives that continue to cause pain

  8. That first pic really grosses me out.

  9. Bear Grylls eats bugs and grubs. Just sayin.