Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My thought on Google

I was just thinking and had this thought...

What if Google has run out of original ideas, and has decided to just try and compete with everything? Well, I'm not sure they ever had an original idea...I mean, Google started as a search engine like all other search engines. They just did it better. I guess that's really all they ever have done is compete with everything. Have they done anything original?

I guess I'll go further back than I originally thought. First, there was Google, the search engine. They went up against the likes of Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Lycos, and some other search engines I can't remember. Lol, I remember Lycos. Am I spelling that right?

I have no idea what else they've done really for a long time since then, or how long most of there other services have been out. But the next thing I remember...GMail. Google decided to compete with Hotmail (live), AOL, and Yahoo mail, and probably other various little known email services. And they conquered that one pretty well, IMHO.

I don't really know what came next. I know they do adsense, and various web services, but the one they do also...blogger! What you're reading this from right now, competes with various other blogging services such as WordPress, and Tumblr. This one...they didn't exactly blow away the competition. In fact, they don't come very close to either of those. And yet, I use it, if only for their money making ad scheme. I know, I could use the same money scheme with WordPress or probably Tumblr as well, but I jumped on this bandwagon. Anyway.

Paypal came, and became one of the most popular online payment services available. Google decided it needed to compete with Google Checkout. Well, I don't know where I can use Google Checkout, so I'm guessing this venture didn't go well either. But it's available, and given enough time perhaps it can grow and become an actual competitor.

Two of the latest undertakings...Google+ and Android. Google+ is Google competing with Facebook. I'd throw in MySpace, but who uses that pos anyway? A little late I think to hop into this one. There are some things that timing counts, and unless...or until...Facebook pushes their users away, Google+ doesn't seem to be able to face up against Facebook. I like Facebook, but I also hate it. But unless everyone I know moves to Google+, I'm stuck on Facebook. I would rather be on Google+ exclusively.

Android however has faired very well. Despite the awesome power of Apple advertising and retarded customer base, android based phones (with the help of Verizon Wireless pushing Droid) is basically neck and neck with iPhone as far as I'm concerned. Which is sad, because Android is so much better than the iPhone OS, but Apples damn fanboys won't come over to the light side. Even losing signal by holding their iPhone didn't bring them over, Apple just managed to sell covers for the phone instead. Congrats apple. wtf. Old news is old.

I'm pretty sure Google and Apple are the only two companies that can release something that gets the attention of pretty much the entire world, and will have people paying ridiculous amounts of money for it. Obviously Apple is further ahead than Google on that, but they are getting there...

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