Thursday, December 8, 2011

PHP Scripting

I came up with an interesting idea today. I forget exactly what gave me the idea to do it though...but anyway...

Today I wrote a script to automatically send my resume to EVERY craigslist job posting. It pulls the e-mail address, page address and heading/subject from each post, and generates the email with a generic message body, attaches my resume and sends it.

Obviously there are some downsides to doing this. For instance, a lot of jobs will be applied for that I don't want or can't get. This really isn't much of a downside since they most likely will ignore my message. However, this could increase the amount of spam I get since some of the posts are likely from people trying to get email addresses, etc.

The other issue is possibly getting calls, replies, from a lot of companies either requesting more info or interviews/phone interviews. Technically that isn't a problem either, since that's the point, to get more interviews and a job.

The third issue is that this gives me other ideas, such as becoming a spammer myself. Sending e-mails to lots of people could be fun though! Need to email everyone asking for them to donate to my paypal account. lol. :D

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