Friday, April 20, 2012

WordPress Post Editor issues

I've always had this issue with the WordPress post editor. I'm sure a lot of people have. But it's "laggy", at least when I try to delete words anyway. Backspace is just terrible to try and do, and it either doesn't delete all the letter, or if I press it too much, it deletes way more than it should, and very slowly...

So I tried searching for a fix today. Have not found one yet, but have discovered that it's an issue specific to WordPress as the TinyMCE editor that WordPress uses doesn't have the same issue except within WordPress. It's also an issue that has been prevalent for a very long time, and has yet to be resolved by the people that code it. I find it interesting that they wouldn't fix it, considering that it's how people post, and it's what the entire WordPress thing is for.

So for the moment, I deal with it. The thought of switching to something else came to mind...though I'm not aware of what else to switch to atm. Too bad blogger isn't a standalone download I can install on my web server (or is it?).

So that's my issue for the day. Anyone have a fix they are aware of?

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