Monday, January 24, 2011

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environment Groups

Apple Criticized by Chinese Environmental Groups

Now if you read it, it's not Apple itself that has bad working conditions, but completely different companies that just happen to have contracts with Apple. So how is Apple is actually responsible? That's beside the fact that china is known for having terrible working conditions in their companies to begin with anyway...

I know most would consider them to blame for supporting a company that has terrible conditions, but unfortunately almost all companies that buy from other countries is buying from a company with terrible conditions. It's all part of the competition that companies deal with. If they worried about the working conditions of their suppliers they wouldn't be able to compete with companies that don't. In America, we call this Capitalism.

If a company can't supply a product at the price and quality that another company wants, then they shouldn't be providing that product. Simple enough. If I tell a company that I will work for $3 an hour and get the job, do you call me an idiot, or the company a terrible company?

And what normal person commits suicide before quitting their job anyway? If anything, they are doing the world a favor by not being able to spawn more idiots. I understand people may have different ideals and whatnot, but still. Suicide?

At least I know being an complete idiot isn't limited to Americans.


  1. Hahaha that last line is so true man... Idiocy is part of human nature... good to see China actually caring about pollution finally

  2. Lol as all the smug greenies driving round in their Priuses with 30lbs of Chinese Lanthanium.

  3. haha the chinese criticizing people that's a good one