Sunday, January 23, 2011

Individual Sovereignty

Individual Sovereignty 

A blog I just found. I like the latest post. Didn't actually read the rest so I can't say all the posts are good or anything. The post makes a couple good points so I thought I would share. I know most of us probably already know and or agree with the points also.

As far as my thoughts on how government should be run, currently, I believe the only things the government (the US government, not necessarily state government) should be responsible for is:
  1. Protecting the country from the outside world.
  2. Keeping the peace among the states on the inside.
  3. #2 would likely include basic fundamental laws. (The Constitution)
  4. And probably printing and providing the countries currency to use.
    (which is currently done via a third party, the Federal Reserve which is NOT government but in fact a BANK (which currently owns the US)).

The individual states should be responsible for running public programs, taxes, similar things. Why? Because they would have competition with each other. The US government does not. So in the same way that having different companies making similar products which keeps prices as low as possible and run as efficiently as possible (typically...damn greedy management bastards), the same should occur with the states. Certainly the way the states are run should be fixed first of course. We wouldn't want corporations paying off the state government to get what they want like they do now. We would need true transparency.

Those are my views. Hell, I'm pretty sure (as far as the US government) that those were the views of our founding fathers, or at least very similar. Enjoy.

Evil corporations are evil... :(


  1. I do agree with this. Our founding fathers especially Jefferson he hated the idea of private banks running our economy and printing our money and constantly warned against letting it happen.

  2. The media try to paint the tea party as social conservative fundamentalists but they're really just anti-statist and anti-corporatist. I'd like to see them gut DC.

  3. our founding fathers would be PISSED, PISSED i tell you

  4. Yes, I agree with you, especially about the bank. Even though I do not live in the USA, and I don't know all the facts... but the USA has a great constitution and it would be a pity to see it all go to waste.

    I like your blog. I'm following. :D
    I kind of have something similar going on, so if you want to exchange opinions, come and check out one of my blogs.