Saturday, January 15, 2011

Illegal Downloading

Illegal downloading is Fun!

But according to some people, is damaging the music industry.

In reality, the music industry is hurting itself.

Illegal downloading has actually helped to promote bands and increase profits.

The only things that the music industry is failing at, is selling hard copies. CD's.

Which makes sense, when you can simply pay less online.

Online, you can buy the songs you wont from an album and not waste money on songs you don't.

Taking illegal down-loaders to court costs the music industry more money then they get from it.

This new post about illegal downloading is the prompting of a band I like that was complaining about illegal downloads on facebook. Apparently 2 million copies of one of their albums was downloaded illegally and they are releasing a new album on tuesday. This means their band is being heard by many many people that may not have heard them otherwise. Even more, they actually said that THEY specifically do not make any money from the CD sales. So for the band, they actually get more out of illegal downloading. : /

I find it ridiculous that so many bands and people believe that illegal downloading is hurting bands and the recording industry. Companies that fail to change eventually fail. There are other companies that are cropping up that sponsor bands in a new way, and soon, the RIAA and the recording industry will fail to these new companies.

It's only a matter of time, and perhaps we won't be downloading "illegally" but instead sharing freely in order to promote bands. Many bands are already against the recording industry and for music sharing. I think I posted about illegal downloading already...but oh well. This time I have links. Also, the band I was talking about is RED.


  1. well technically speaking, they are suing everyone on the illegal uploading (distribution) part.

  2. i completely agree with you man, illegal downloading does nothing but kill the blood sucking music recording industries that are raping the artist for their worth anyways. so idk what red is complaining about or even trying to enforce, if they did more concerts they would have their money, no one wants a cd anyways. DRM FILES ARE GAY.

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  4. Hardware DRM is worse. I'll never buy a blue-ray disk or player.

  5. XKCD is so right about this... as are you my friend... pirating is the way to go!!

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  7. To me it's no different than when we used to tape songs off the radio and make cassette tape compilations. That seems like a long time ago.

  8. The best thing to do, IMHO, is download an album, burn it, then go and steal the cd case from one of those shops who keep their cd's in their big fancy drawers. They NEVER magnetically protect cd cases. Of course, to feel better about this, it's best to steal from chain stores and from artists who you have already forked out hundreds to [in the way of vinyl, cd's and concert tickets].