Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cell Carriers Explore Ways to Limit Distracted Driving

A Short-Circuit to Distracted Driving

tl:dr: If you didn't read the article, it says that wireless companies are going to be providing a monthly service that disables your service while you drive. T-Mobile apparently already has this service.

I find it interesting that companies are trying to capitalize on NOT providing service that you are also paying for. It is really that hard for people to turn their phone or or simply ignore it while driving that they would actually pay for a monthly service like this? Pretty soon will have so many "safety features" we won't have to even consider the idea that what we are doing is unsafe.

Of course you realize that once the government realizes that this is a "Safety" issue, they will force everyone to pay for this service that disables your service, right? They do it with car insurance already, why not this service?

Also, it makes me wonder why they don't require breathalizers on all cars instead of putting them on people who have already been caught drinking and driving? Seems like that would make more sense if you are only worried about safety.

This is what we get for letting so few people dictate EVERYTHING.


  1. Just more of our freedom being taken away, we already get tickets for talking or texting while we drive

  2. They should find a way to detect coffee and disable the starter. The mummies in my neighborhood drive around with a cellphone in one hand and a latte in the other.

  3. I lost a 16 year old niece because another kid was texting and hit her head on of course he lived she did not. This is one freedom I will be happy to relinquish.

  4. @Justsayin': So if she was shot and killed with a gun, you would give up your right to own guns? Or knives? Or baseball bats? etc. That thinking is slightly illogical.

    I'm sorry that happened. I don't really know what it's like to lose someone. But I think we need to enforce more intelligence in kids though. Don't blame the item, blame the person. The kid could have been doing any number of things to be distracted.

    Once you are willing to give up one freedom for security, it will lead to another and another until you have none left.