Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Intertubes

Are currently clogged by torrenting. Someone here is torrenting like there's no tomorrow and I can barely even load this page to blog about it.

Also, Belkin makes pos routers. That might be the real issue here. But there was this one thing I saw once about turning a Belkin G Router into a Nintendo cartridge wireless router. Looked pretty epic. I want to do that, but I can't bring myself to waste money on a Belkin router. Worst, Routers, Ever. Seriously.

I'd take a Linksys over a Belkin. But I think Netgear makes the best home routers. If you have too much money, get a Cisco Router. :P

That's my blog of the day. Enjoy.

How to build a NES Cartridge Wireless Router...


  1. I have a linksys. so far so good :)

  2. I still own a linksys and it won't work properly with over 2 other users.

  3. I hate it so much when someone is torrenting and screws it up for everyone else...

  4. Intertubes?
    Why not use regular internet/email stuff?

  5. people need to discover usenet and newsgroups... torrents are so 2008

  6. my internet was throttled to hell and back. couldn't do anything at all.