Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Welcome to a PvP server where you can run rampant, killing anyone as much as you want. Grief whatever can be griefed, and laugh in their faces! incorrectCraft throws out the book of traditional 'Peaceful' PvP and gives in to hardcore PvP, the way it should be!

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■■ Do not spam the chat.
■■ Using X-Ray to see minerals is wrong and you should feel bad for doing it.
■■ No flying/cheating. (No-Cheat is enabled)
■■ Profanity is allowed, however use of the word fa**ot or ni**er is annoying and you will be kicked.

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The lands are dangerous, remember these important notes:

■■ There are no rules against spawn killing. Though many ways to get out of spawn, so be careful!
■■ It takes 10 seconds to warp to /home and /spawn.
■■ Disconnecting out of battle is allowed, due to our plugin called CombatTag. If someone disconnects within 10 seconds of being hit, they will remain able to be killed even while out of the server. So laugh at the foolish people who disconnect and still die!
■■ Faction griefing is tolerated. So be warned, only invite those you trust into your faction!
■■ Admins are very busy people. Don't be upset if they can't help you right then and there!
■■ Use the forums to ask questions if you can't get a hold of an admin. Alternatively, get Mumble and come in and talk to us!

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This server isn't free, so we appreciate donations. We use a direct-donation supplied by our hosting company, Volt. This means that when you donate it goes straight into the server, and not into our pockets for us to misuse!
Click HERE to donate.

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