Monday, November 28, 2011

The end of Boot Camp

So after nearly 2 months of boot camp, I'm back. I quit at T-30. Anyone who may think it, I did not fail boot camp, it was not too hard for me or anything like that. Basically, while at boot camp I had time to think about my decision and learn more about the Marine Corp and realized I shouldn't be there. One main reason I shouldn't have even joined to begin with is my disdain for our government and military to begin with. Being older, I was less able to be "brainwashed" by the training.

Actually, they fucking babied the recruits way too much. Two of the platoons the day I was quitting were watching fucking movies. Seriously. WTF!? It's MARINE CORP BOOTCAMP and they are watching FUCKING MOVIES!?!? After dealing with all the recruits that never seemed to learn how to listen to the drill instructors, or shut their fat mouths, even two months into training, I really believe they need to go back to the times when drill instructors would literally fuck up recruits physically. The worst they could and would do to us is punish everyone else for a recruits fuck ups. And so many of them were retarded and would be stupid way too often.  Most of them were Texans, so I guess that explains a lot of it though...

I'm sure that had I been 18-20 years old, it may have been different for me. I did enjoy the training. I kind of miss drilling. I did however find most of first phase fairly boring. Our kill hat also sounded like kermit the frog whenever he was marching us.

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