Saturday, December 8, 2012

Damn you Apple fanboys!

Why do they keep making all these neat things for iPhones!? It's not even that great of a phone. Android phones are even better. Also, windows mobile phones are getting better also. Other phones have better hardware, better OS, but admittedly, the only thing iPhone has going for it now is it's sleek look. Otherwise they are way way overpriced for how low end they are.

And you know who perpetuates this? Apple fanboys. Just like Starbucks with crappy coffee that sells so well because of ignorant people who are more into looks than taste or functionality. So now you have companies building devices and apps that are sometimes exclusive to Apple, and ignoring a very large Android market. I do however see one important aspect of this. There is only one apple device to make it for, not having to worry about different OS versions, or hardware specs. You make one app, one device, and it works on all apple phones you make it for. Whereas you make an app, and it will hopefully work on most android powered devices. Though most of the time any problem is usually user related anyway.

Speaking of those kind of different hardware/OS specs on different phones causing issues...why have they not come up with a solution for that? I mean, we've been dealing with the same issues with Microsoft Windows for forever now. Someone makes a game or other app, and it doesn't work correctly because you have this audio card, or that video card, or video driver. It should have all just become standardized by now. A slight side track anyway.

Regardless, if fan boys want to pay exuberant prices for an image, so be it. I'll spend less money for a more capable device and spend the rest of my money on something else fun.

Back story: Saw some things about new devices for iPhones, also the taxi cab app, Uber, and the last time I went to a store about an android keyboard for an android tablet all I find are apple keyboards. Come on. Android is really popular too you know.

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  1. I used to own an iPhone. I bought it to see what all the fuss was about but then I developed the ability to think for myself so I sold the iPhone and bought an Android phone. Unfortunately, I still have an iPhone for my work phone so I have a daily comparison between the two devices.

    One thing I have noticed about the majority of Apple fanboys is how they straight out bash something else without having tried it and without being fully informed. You cannot argue with Apple fanboys because it is like playing chess with a pigeon. It doesn't matter how good you are, the pigeon will just knock all of the pieces over, crap on the board and then strut around like it is victorious.

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