Saturday, December 8, 2012

Self Defense is Best Defense

Defending ourselves, or relying on an outside force to do so...why would we put our safety and livelihood in the hands of complete strangers who are susceptible to corruption other self motivating conditions?

I for one do not believe in the idea of relying on police to protect an entire country of people from murder, theft, and other crimes. Laws do not prevent the crimes they make illegal, and police can't prevent crimes. They are only good after the crime is already committed. So why are we being forced into a position of having to rely on them for our safety?

For example, assuming you don't have weapons, if an armed burglar breaks into your home you can call the cops. They will arrive 30 minutes or more later after the burglar has already stolen everything, and in a worse case scenario, killed everyone. Also, the cops only show up if you are able to call them. Then those same cops will maybe look for evidence to help them find the person who broke in if it's important enough since they don't have time to look into every case. In most cases, they will simply show up for the sake of any insurance claim you make assuming you have insurance in the first place for it.

So what I would prefer this country pursue is a country of trained and armed citizens. It makes more sense to have a country of citizens who can defend themselves and their property than paying for the poor service of protection provided by police. Consider Switzerland, the most armed citizens and lowest rate for homicide. Essentially, who is going to take the chance of being killed if that chance is so high? Same reason all the countries want nuclear weapons...who wants to fight a country that could nuke you?

Rather than trying to ban any weapon, the US really should consider the idea of pushing for people to arm themselves, and ensure everyone is trained in the use of firearms. An increase in the chance that you'll be shot and killed robbing someone, a bank, store, etc, would greatly decrease the crime rate. Having people walk around cities with pistols, or even assault rifles slung across their shoulder would be a great deterrent to crime. It would kind of be like having police everywhere...which just isn't going to happen, I hope.

An article about Switzerland, guns, and crime...

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