Saturday, December 8, 2012

Violence caused by what we view?

Something I'm curious about, and has been an issue for the media previously when it comes to violence in video games and television and such, is if it's really tv and video game that makes you want to do violence, or is it some sort of pre-existing desire that is spurred forward by viewing such things?

For instance, I enjoy watching Dexter and Breaking Bad. Extremely good tv shows. But, do I want to start a meth lab and kill evil people because I watch the shows or because I've already had the desire and watching the shows just provide me a visual manifestation of this that brings out this desire?

When it comes to murder, I think everyone, males mostly I think, have this innate desire in them for it, at least when it comes to self defense or defense of others and property...and possibly just for natural selection reasons. In the past killing each other used to be what people had to do. Someone tries to rob you or shoot you for some reason, you hopefully shot them first instead. Survival of the fittest. These days we can't (aren't supposed to) do that, most of the time anyway. Not to mention we are trained against defending ourselves from an early age, always have to tell someone else who will do something about it such as a teacher, or police officer...which is total bullshit. We should be trained to do something about it ourselves...but that's a different topic though.

The best movie I think, would be God Bless America. Don't let the title fool you if you haven't heard of it before. A guy goes around shooting really awful people, though not killers as in Dexter, but people who do awful things like take up multiple parking spaces and then doesn't give a fuck type...or better yet, preachers preaching against gays such as the hillsboro or whatever church that was. Too lazy to look that one up. Normally people should probably think that's horrible. But I think anyone who enjoys that movie think the exact opposite. I want to see that really happen. I want to see that widespread so all the people who are total dick bags reconsider their dick bag ways...or die.

So is violence on our tv's the issue, or is the fact that people out there deserve to be shot in the head the real issue? The kids shooting up school aren't the ones showing up and being greeted and everyone loves them. They were the ones picked on and bullied. It makes sense. Personally I think it's the world that is the issue, not the tv...and nobody wants to take responsibility for anything.

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