Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome To Your Box

Everyone is living in a box. Some are bigger than others, and some are smaller. The box, or your specific "reality", in a way makes you who you are. It also makes you who I hate. People who refuse to accept other possibilities and rely ONLY on what someone else had once told you is truth, and never let that change no matter what better more factual truth may come your way.

It's what kept slavery so common place until recently. By recently I mean according to how long it existed compared to how long since it's been abolished. I know slavery still exists in other countries however, so technically it still exists, but this is just getting further away from my point. My point is, stupid things like the idea that black people are not people and are just slaves was an idea that so few refused to acknowledge as wrong. It's also the same with homosexuals. I'm sure some who read this probably think that black people should be slaves again or that homosexuals are terrible people, and would refuse to believe otherwise no matter what the facts are. You are unwilling to hug a gay man, maybe because he might think something of it(or you're afraid someone else will think something of you), but yet you'll hug a straight woman and think nothing of it. These are the kind of boxes people live in. If not hate towards people, maybe towards ideas, like the idea of God. It's the people that hate the idea of God, and the people that hate the idea of atheists, that creates so much conflict. Nobody is willing to be tolerant of others and accept them or their beliefs.

I think South Park does a good job with their episodes and dealing with things like this. When it comes to shows and movies though, there is one movie I often think about, Donnie Darko. If you've seen it, you would be familiar with the character of Mrs. Farmer. I think most people would see her as more of the crazy psycho in the movie. But what I wonder is, how many people identify her as the only sane one in the movie? I doubt anyone who would do that have ever actually seen the movie though. It would be blasphemy to watch it I'm sure...

tl:dr: I think what my overall point or idea is, is that people live in their box of right and wrong and fail to see just how wrong the things they think are right really are. I think that's as simple as I can make it.